Bionicle 2015

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NO! 6 vote(s) 42.9%
YES! 8 vote(s) 57.1%
  1. Oh no, not Bionicle D:
  2. Bu bu... why? Bionicle was amazing up until 2008-its cancellation in 2010
  3. Oh. When I got my first lego magazine (that must've been back in 2008 then, time goes fast) Bionicle was on the front of it, and my parents were like "What is this?" They thought it was way too violent for something Lego.
    I'm not a fan of branches like this, I prefer traditional Lego, with bricks (with the exception of Technic and Mindstorms, those are awesome).
  4. Yes. :)

    Loved these things when I was young.
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  5. Violent? They're robots, and 2008 was a bad year anyways. Oh and btw... Bionicle was technic for awhile until it exploded into being lego's most successful theme in 2001. Also, bionicle is amazing not just for the builds... but the story... oh yes... Bionicle hit it's peak in 2006, and started falling down in the charts after that, but 2007 was still pretty good
    EDIT: Funny thing is, 2006 was also the darkest year for Bionicle, having skeletons and rock music for it's theme.

  6. As a kid growing up I always had lego. Bionicles were one of my favourite parts other than the medival castle themed lego. I still have all my lego/bionicles up to this date. I think it would be nice to bring them back, as they seem to have been replaced by 'Hero Factory' :/
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  7. Not replaced. Hero factory was thought up after Bionicle was cancelled, It was more of a test to see if people still like lego action figures. And so now after that test, it returns.
  8. *screams*
    Well, actually fake scream because I heard about this awhile ago BUT I AM FREAKING EXCITED. Bionicle were my favorite Lego series. I had almost all the comics and would spend hours creating my own stories. :D Oh man, I am so excited for them to return and for younger people to enjoy what I spent so much time with. Though this new story seems kinda eh…hopefully they'll get Greg Farshtey back for more stories/comics. SO MUCH EXCITE. :D


    ALSO, I have spent years looking for that video :eek: I watched it once when it came out and I've been trying to find it again ever since.
    Addressing the skeletons in the room (no, that's not the expression…), the Piraka were pretty weird, but I liked them and the story of 2006 :p
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