Biggest Mistakes EVER

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  1. This forums is for people who would like to share the worse mistakes they have ever made on Minecraft, AND for people to correct other people's mistake. So, since I'm starting this forums, I might as well share the biggest mistake I've ever made. So, iotwizzylove brought me out to the middle to nowhere to mine. And, she logged off. So I freaked. So, I stole her boat, and went sailing. But, I got lost!!! And I was freaking out more, since I have to log off soon. So, I landed on an island, and drowned myself. With all my stuff. (It was Diamond tools.) So, since then, I learned a valuable lesson.

    1) Never kill yourself with all your stuff!!!

    2) Use the Live Map!!!
  2. always carry an enderchest
  3. This always seems to happen to me: so I go to nether to get wither skulls and what not, and lava always appears out of no where and kills me. This what I learned,

    - always bring fire resistance potions
    - bring ender chest to put valuables in just in case this happens.

    Any other tips for me?
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  4. To tell you the truth, don't touch Zombie Pigmen, whatever you do!!! And if you have good timing, don't bother to bring a bow and arrows to kill the annoying ghasts. When they shoot a fireball, just take your sword and hit the fireball back. Just watch out for fire, lava, and angry mobs.
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  5. Don't try to sleep in a bed in the nether.
    Don't try to sleep in a bed in the end.
  6. Good point!!!
  7. Don't go to the nether. Its the safest way to not die in the nether.
  8. The nether's not that dangerous if you're only looking for netherrack
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  9. Just if you dont randomly find lava... ;-;
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  10. Lol I hate when that happens.
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  11. Why is everyone's comment being liked except mine??? :( So sad.
  12. Use potatoes as your main source of food. You won't regret it.
    I suggest always having a full tool set at hand, just so you're ready for anything!
  13. Really. Potatoes. Baked or just potato? If it's not baked, that's.... kinda dumb. Because you'll be lagging around many stacks of potatoes and not have space for diamond. (Or whatever you're looking for.)
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  14. Thank you Panda and Bilbo for liking my posts!!!
  15. Raw potatoes are the hardcore way to do it. :)
  16. YEAH!!!

    Edit: Not doing it though ._.
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  17. So, what are you trying to say???
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  18. Ah crud, this is the wrong thread... Well, let me revise this.
    Eating rotten flesh is a bad idea. Potatoes are way better!
    Don't forget your full toolset when going to the wilds. You have no chance.
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  19. Oh, that makes much more sense!!
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  20. Well, I eggified my awesome villager yesterday by accident. Can't get it back:(