BigDavie's Unannounced Netherspleef 8AM EMC Time

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by BigDavie, Feb 10, 2016.

  1. Since the players from Asia and Australasia miss out on many events I have decided to host a surprise Netherspleef starting at 8AM EMC time (just under 2 hours from this post).

    There will be five rounds:-
    1. Basic netherspleef prize 300 tokens
    2. Smashing netherspleef prize 300 tokens
    3. Buffed netherspleef prize 300 tokens
    4. Nether madness prize 300 tokens
    5. ALL OUT MAYHEM! prize BigDavie head
    All rounds are no item round.
    If this goes well we may have more unannounced netherspleefs.

    Where to go? I hear you ask. SMP1 then /v netherspleef
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  2. First? Sounds good ^^ im in the UK but No lessons today :D
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  3. Sadly, I miss all the events now. I am on school for most of the ones I like..... :(
  4. Still in Uni but I should be able to make the end of it if I catch the bus after my last lecture :p

    EDIT: I need to do student things as the Fendy reminded me below ;-;
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  5. This sounds interesting, I may tag along if I have some time :)
    Remember you wanted to go to the shop and wanted to print things too! I guess you can do that tomorrow :p But I shouldn't encourage you to procrastinate ;)
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  6. Lol. An announcement for an unannounced Spleef =P
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  7. Wow... awesome... I... never.... thought.... that.... this..... day.... would... come...! I'll do my best to make it.
  8. Added prizes.
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  9. What exactly is Netherspleef?
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  11. I really hope to make it, sounds fun!
  12. I can't make it xD
  13. And this is yet another one of those prime examples why EMC is such an awesome server :)

    I won't be able to make it (need to get some food from the grocery store) but I think it's a really cool thing to do!
  14. I didn't manage to win the last round like I would have wanted but I did win round 2, so that's great :D

    My head is hurting after all those effects from the madness rounds though... Ow :p
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  15. The winners were
    1. Basic netherspleef - Faithcaster - 300 tokens
    2. Smashing netherspleef - FDNY21 - 300 tokens
    3. Buffed netherspleef - AnimalGirl120 - 300 tokens
    4. Nether madness - Kytula - 300 tokens
    5. ALL OUT MAYHEM! - jewel_king - BigDavie head

    Did you enjoy yourselves? Anything that you think I could change for future netherspeefs?
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  16. Should have woke up earlier :p
  17. Had a blast,

    Blindness on round 3 i think was Very confusing Other then that Perfect Event
  18. Thanks BigDavie I had a "blast"! lol :D

    Jewel_King won the last round and BigDavies head ^o^

    last ones to leave the party selfie :D
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  19. I need to find a way to hang that on my wall! lol my first time winning a round in any event since I joined almost a year ago :p
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