Bigdavie's Easter Egg Hunt 2015 [COMPLETED]

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by BigDavie, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. Happy Easter everyone!

    I have scattered an easter egg on each of the servers and I need you to go and find them. Inside each there is a clue. Once you have collected all the clues you will be able to decode a single word. The first five players to start a conversation with me with the word as the conversation title will win a Bigdavie head.

    • The eggs can and need to be destroyed to reveal the clue. You will not get into trouble for griefing them.
    • Do not break other players placed blocks.
    • One entry per household, sorry but to prevent players using alts I must also not accept multiple entries from the same IP address. Trying to bypass this rule will automatically void all your entries.
    • All eggs are visible from ground level but some may be partially hidden.
    • Eggs are hidden in Town, Wastelands, Frontier, Wastelands Nether and Frontier Nether. Be careful out there as you can still die to mobs or a misplaced step.
    • The utopia egg is in utopia town so everyone can access it.
    • Only start the conversation with Bigdavie, do not include other staff.
    Good hunting everyone.
  2. Great event Bigdavie. :D
    I'll definitely try looking for smp9's Easter egg chest.

    EDIT: Also, First! I guess. xD
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  3. Sounds fun!
  4. Cool event bigdavie!

    Gotta catch em all =P
  5. What an Eggcelent idea ;D I'll get my hunting cap on and go hopping around :3
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  6. wow this will fun
  7. Not even sure how to find one of the eggs I've been running around everywhere looking! Oh well for someone else to get then!
  8. What a fun idea :) I doubt I will find it but will enjoy looking!
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  9. Just a question, lol. How will we identify these eggs? Will they be in a chest? Or is that a secret? ;) Otherwise, awesome idea! :)

    EDIT: Neeeeevermind. :p
  10. i think someone found the one in utopia...
  11. Interesting event, this is something unique! :D
  12. what do they look like
  13. Odds 1-1000 of finding one :p
  14. Good Luck Guys! I won't be trying to get it, I have my Rainbow Chin PvP Head Ooh Soo Mintyyyy to cheer me up ^-^
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  15. Wait will there be easter eggs for every player
    Or once its broken its gone no one else can find it?
  16. Every player can find it. The eggs are huge with the clue in the center.
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  17. There is a found one on Utopia at /v BigDavie 2
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  18. can some one post a pic of the ones in the waste what they look like ?
  19. Basically the same as the Utopia one.
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