Big Time Griefed

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  1. So unfortunately someone got banned because of griefing me, his friend came out and totally destroyed my place in the wild. It started to rebuild itself back, but will it replace everything? We lost a lot of animals including a horse with good stats just wondering if those will come back too? :(
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  2. Wait, like things he griefed are just re-building themselves magically? Or is someone out there rebuilding it?
  3. rebuilding itself, but when he was doing it, I died and because he destroyed my respawn bed, I respawned in town chatted that he was destroying my stuff and as he was doing it he got banned. So I am not sure that because of the damage, like lava being pored over my wood barn and house, it is being rebuilt by EMC. There is no one rebuilding it personally.
  4. Thats really strange. Since EMC doesn't log blocks, (I think) I'm not sure how they would be able to have an automated system to rebuild griefing, and I've never heard of this happening. You said you are in town, so are you hearing about this magic rebuilding thing through another person?
  5. There's no such thing as automatic rebuilding (on EMC), unfortunately. :(
  6. Unfortunately there isn't any kind of auto-repair, sounds more like a rogue invisible staff member doing some repairs to the obvious parts of your outpost which the griefer destroyed. :rolleyes:
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  7. Before we figure out who, I'm betting it's JackBiggin.
  8. *cough* just say its you Shaun :p *cough*
  9. Do you know who did it, and if so, were they banned?
  10. i wish my place would autorepair itself huehuehue
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  11. They were banned.
  12. Okay.
  13. ^^^
    This Man is a secret staff, obviously...
  14. This Kinda Happened Before to me... Someone griefed my little thingy I had made somewhere. kryssy Perma Banned Him, and his Sister Got really mad at me...
  15. Your not alone, I've been greifed so many times, I can't even count, that is why I might move most of my base's to uTopia because all supporters there - Don't - Greif. This should be a lesson to everyone that greifing is a terrible thing and can hurt other people. So don't do it. Think of the Golden Rule - "Treat others how you want to be treated" - Like the Golden Rule - (To the Greifer) How about you had a huge base and someone greifed it, how would you feel greifer?
  16. its not that supporters dont grief, there is griefing on utopia go look at slimetown. there just is less supporter griefers per capita, and since regular and iron cannot get into wild on utopia it is all but unheard of (however the majority of real griefers never see the forums and thus arent supporters)
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  17. I've gotten greifed as well, someone let my horse out with pretty legit stats and its been gone ever since.
  18. I've been greifed ONCE (On another server, not EMC)
    It was a PVP server, and this guy earned my trust, and stole ALL of my items, and destroyed my base.
    leaving a sign with some not nice words on it :(
  19. Totally not shaun :rolleyes: lol. I have seen a lot of staff invisible before >.< Is super funny how people are clueless to major changes :p
  20. So let me get this straight.
    (Lets call him Bob) greifs (lets call him Joe) and gets banned. Joe is finally relieved that his greifer is banned. Bob's sister gets mad that Joe reported Bob for griefing him. What's the logic in that???? What did Joe do to Bob!!!! nada!!!
    I have lost faith in 8 year olds.
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