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  1. I want to have my res dug out, Its been done in the middle in a circle but im renovating and want the rest dug out. I have split it into 4 sections and will pay you to dig them out. If you only wana do one section thats ok. I cant decide on a price so if your interested in making some rupees pm me and we can work it out. Thanks all.
  2. 25k for 1/4 of it, you provide enchanted EFF IV shovels ;)
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  3. lol no
    nice try though
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  4. 26k and I'll provide the shovels
    24k and you provide the shovels
  5. Im just basing it off what gap said
  6. i think ima get off my lazy tail and dig it myself lol. Srry
  7. What about 1 section for 7-8k?
  8. I help you out Daxter. I'll be on in a sec.
  9. Guys, a reanable price is 5k for 2 sections.... Its not THAT hard to dig.
  10. Reasonable you mean? :p
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  11. just do what i did... get diamond supporter status and then spend 600k r on TNT and blow it all out!
  12. I spent 8000 blowing out my 60X60 on SMP8, Did you use gold plated TNT or something?
  13. i bought all my TNT from /shop because i'm a winner!
  14. I was checking some of the recent threads where people have hired dirt diggers. I could really only find three that had definite rates going back through August.

    Based on digging 60x60x64 blocks, this one works out to about 46k for the whole residence:

    This one works out to about 16k, but comments suggested that that was low:

    This one was between 6k and 10k, but again got a lot of complaints:

    So high end is probably 11k-ish per quarter. Low end is more like 2 or 3k. I kind of like the first idea where the diggers sell the dirt since they can dig whenever they feel like it and it doesn't reward slacking. On the other hand it seems like it would be hard to control where the dirt comes from. Either way, someone has a lot of work to do.

    I've been donating enchanted shovels and my time to this project, so if anyone is interested, they need to work something out while there is still work left to be done.
  15. I've never gotten straight whether a Diamond supporter can place TNT on other people's own residences or not. If Daxter has TNT would it be possible for someone to place and detonate it for him or is he stuck with shoveling?
  16. A diamond supporter can place TnT on another's residence, However it can only be blown up if the TnT flag is enabled (Which requires you to be diamond to activate it)
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  17. I'll do it!
  18. I'm taking a break Daxter to get some more echanted shovels. Hopefully Eff. something and not just Unb. like I seem to always get.
  19. Joshposh70, where did you bought your TNT / gunpowder?

  20. lol. Ya im halfway done with a 4th. got two unbreaking3 efficiency 4 shovels one my first tries lol. now ima get like unbreaking 3 or something stupid and be stuck digging at normal speed. i love useing eff 4 its like a magic wand. Point and hold and EVERYTHING is destroyed