[Hiring] dirt digging job

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  1. hi i need a dirt digging worker, 250r pur layer each layer is about 3600 blocks of dirt so must have time on hands. i will give u a place to put dirt +enchanted diamond shovels to do the job. the job is about 6.75 layers. payment after the job is done, or hath when hath done. ill also trade stuff instead of money if u want
  2. *Before I start talking, I would like to say that I will still be on the forums, but wont be in game as much for a bit.*

    I'll leave you alone on the spelling, but if you as me, 250R is a little low ball for a layer if you ask me.
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  3. realy 4 people have liked that price never said it was too little pay
  4. Welcome to the forums, where not many people are hard up for cash.
  5. lol
  6. Mrlegitislegit If u are gonna just talk about what i didn't do right can u please not put it on this.
  7. You posted this in a public forum, I can state what I wish.
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  8. Id do the job but i cant use minecraft on this computer at the time being
  9. i know i put it up on the forms but its a bit rude to put what someone didn't do right on a job form, this isn't a mestakes form
  10. Someone in-game offered me 10k to dig out there res.....
  11. How many layers ?
  12. IDK he just said "I'll pay you 10k to dig out my res"
  13. I paid someone 20,000r to dig out 3/4 of my res.
  14. Ps it was nickbowhunter who told me this
  15. For 10k it was pry like 15-20 levels
  16. So 3/4 way to bed rock ?
  17. I had already dug the top 1/4. i paid them 20k to finish it off
  18. You also payed me 5k to mine some.
  19. How deep are the res anyway ? p.s. I'm using a iPod to write this so can't see to good
  20. Im down- no fee