I'm paying 100r for every doubles chest you fill with dirt from my lot (smp-6310)

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  1. I will set you up with a double chest with shovels and 5 torches. the shovels will be replentished as you dig and the torches will be too, just not as often. When you fill that double chest up with dirt from my lot i will pay you 100r and then either let you keep it or dump it in lava.

    1) the dirt MUST come from my lot
    2) you must dig your own dirt (you cant collect what someone else dug out)
    3) Everyone's flags for my lot will be turned off while i am afk or offline.
    4)Emptying the double chest before I see its full content will result in no pay.
    5)I dont want anything below layer 10 dug out. If you happen to dig under it by accident, just cover the top layer, you don't have to fill it in.
    6)FYI, I record who has how much dirt so if your chest suddenly fills with dirt, or dirt from elsewhere for me to "buy", you will be fired.
    7)no stealing dirt from other chests or griefing the walk ways.
    8)Building upwards to my floating castle will get you fired; its under construction and will be open when finished.
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  2. This is a rip off! 100r for a double chest?!
  3. its gonna cost me 10k for this and im not a supporter so im scraping rupees together for it. Ive hired more than 20 people from smp3 who are fine with it. If its not you cup of tea then just don't work for me.
  4. Dig out yourself?
  5. 60x60x64... yeah good luck doing it yourself
  6. ive been digging for a few days with other people helping on and off and were about 1 third done. I would do it myself but it would take for ever. and by the way, my brother got his whole lot dug out for 40 rupee per chest so im being generous with 100.
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  7. and its 60x60x54
  8. He's a rip off too, just like you!
  9. not true, actually. we paid 150 per chest back then I think. But people had to supply their own shovels. And he had a griefing problem with one of his workers... :p I think this is a reasonable price. If you don't like it, don't work for him. no need to get angry.
  10. if you have nothing of value to add to the thread then please stop posting
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  11. What are you going to build in the hole?
  12. lov'n ALL the Jabrs*
  13. Actually, his brother was one of the better-known and liked people in the empire at that point (Yukon1200). And will be again, when the MineCast resumes uploading 4 weeks from now. It's just been a while.

    oh, and one more thing. I understand that you don't agree with his price. but don't be a jerk. if you don't like it, move on. Please visit the link below for more information:

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  14. Creppa Out!!
  15. im building the filthy rich factory/market place city known in the Edge Chronicles as "Undertown". The floating castle is the luxurious floating research academy known to the series as "Sanctaphrax" or "The city of Shining Spires". I will rent space to payers at a cheap renewable rate for shop space or if they want for a higher rate, access to massive auto farms (such as cacti).
  16. I'm not here to complain. I just had to comment because your story reminded me of when I used to walk to school, barefoot in the snow, and uphill both ways.
  17. yes, i heard that one once. except there were holes in my grandfathers boots so he would hop on one foot and when the one foot got wet he would hop the rest of the way on the other.
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  18. You guys were lucky. I didn't even HAVE feet to walk on. My brother and I had to scale a cliff made of lava both ways with no feet. You kids have it so easy these days.

    EDIT: What? I don't make sense. That's ok though :D
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  19. Something like this(Click to bigify)?
  20. Perhaps hire a diamond supporter with TNT usage? Me and a friend dug a 60 x 60 x 40 in only about a day thanks to TNT. Very helpful.
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