Beta Testing EMC's "Survival Update"!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by IcecreamCow, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. We're getting closer! Just testing some things now to get them tweaked just right. I can't wait for people to see the ___________. People are going to freak out when they find a __________. Oh, and when people see they can now get _________, man. It's gonna be awesome. ;)
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  2. *Mouth Waters* I'm excited! =D
  3. A mob head? a sponge? :mad:
  4. First blank = lava walls
    second = wall of lava
    third = more lava

    Beat ya to it 72volt =P
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  5. As a staff member, you're not supposed to give out information early. EVERYONE knows that. D:
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  6. :p
  7. I'm so excited!

    I can't wait to get more lava walls!
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  8. 1st: Cow
    2nd: Cow
    3rd: Cow egg
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  9. 1. Ice cream
    2. Cow
    3. Ice cream cow
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  10. 1) Imprial
    2) Bovine
    3) Imperial Bovine
  11. 1. Ruined economy
    2. Diamonds for 2 rupees
    3. Banned for egging cows
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  12. 1. Toilet
    2. Dookie in the urinal
    3. The "poops"

    IcC, I think you have finally fulfilled a wish made by a very prominent member :')
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  14. 1) melks
    2) melk
    3) melk

    Cant wait for the update guys.

    P.S. Melk is awesome
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  15. This thread really gave me information! Thanks guys!

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  16. We aim to please. :D
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  17. You know you could at least say where we might be looking as in wild or wastelands at least?
  18. Well, the only possible thing I can think of that one could put in a blank space is a lava wall, so it's a bit obvious :cool:
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  19. Dragon tombs, dragon tomb, dragon eggs
  20. It's not out, yet.