Best way to make big rupees?

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  1. I have about 660k, and in order to get that, I just didn't spend any of it. Voting every day helps, and along with being gold, I can easily get 1k+ a day.
  2. Good story for the grand childrens ;D
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  3. Hm... i prefer the jack of all trades meaning i poke my head into everything. I mostly sell off items that i don't need /want or excessive items. Also don't spend money on items that you CAN get but to lazy to get. I see too many people these days just buying from shop and not even going to wasteland to get resources, ex. Ice, Wood, Mob drops.
    So far ive earned 312k and im 37 days old as of today.
    Good Luck to you :)

    P.s. another tip is to pay attention to chat there are times when people are really in need of a item and are willing to overpay for it. its a good way to earn a few rupees here and there.
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  4. Yeah i usually get rid of unwanted items lol
  5. Watch the Snapshots for upcoming new items or materials and plan the best and quickest way to get them. Then on the launch of the new update, be the first to get out there and bag it.

    Quartz Ore made me over 400,000 in the first two weeks thanks to having my Nether supply chain well established.
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