Best way to make big rupees?

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  1. Alright so I was wondering what is the best way to make tons of rupees? How did you become a millionare? Does a mall work the best? A mall? What works for you? Let me know!
  2. Mega malls are definitely a way to earn big rupees, but construction takes lots of time, effort, and materials. You also need to spend a lot of time keeping chests stocked and advertising your mall to the public.
  3. Yes but you can also lose tons when people sell to you :/...right now im building like a mini mall with reasonable prices so i hope this works nicely :D
  4. You don't need it to be buy/sell it can just be buy.
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  5. This.

    Also, if you want to make a mega mall, you need a significant amount of rupees as a fallback if you fail. Start off small with your mini-mall and do auctions when you can.
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  6. This is what i plan :D
  7. Auctions work well. As a Gold/Diamond supporter you have access to endertopia. This is a very fast way to get up levels. Enchant some books or random tools = profit.
    It takes time but 10 good items at a time you can make reasonable profit!
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  8. Then it costs a ton to stock so you end up losing me i have expierience, i had a nice shop but it costed more to stock :/
  9. Here are some options.
    1) Use a grinder to enchant and repair stuff. Since you're a gold supporter, you can go to Endertopia to get unlimited xp - just bring food and a pumpkin. If you can't afford diamond stuff to enchant, start out with bows or books.
    2) Create a wheat or sugar cane farm, and use villager trading to get valuable items in return. You can do this to get diamond equipment, enchantments, enchanted books, bottles o' enchanting, glowstone, and redstone. Getting good villagers for wheat or paper is boring and tedious, but it pays well.
    3) Go mining/exploring. Use a fortune 3 pick or ore buster whenever possible, and sell your loot. If you go into unloaded chunks, you can find horse armor and name tags in chests (in dungeons and nether fortresses). Just be prepared to fight the occasional enraged mob.
    4) Create a farm on your res and sell the goods. It takes a while to make a big farm, but you can get a DC of stuff
    from one harvest if the farm is big enough.
    5) Shear sheep for wool. This takes quite a while, plus you need shears and wheat, but you can expect about 0.5-1.5r per wool block.
    6) Get creative. Offer a unique service or build some cool attraction that people would be willing to pay for. This isn't really any easier than traditional methods, but it gives you an identity in the community and it can be a lot of fun. For example, I used to make custom map art, and I got 50,000r for one of the maps in an auction.
    7) If you have resources to invest, you can make a mob drop farm in the wild. This takes a very long time to do, but it can be extremely profitable. Gold farms are probably the most profitable, but they take a ton of time/resource investment, and they sometimes cause lag. An iron farm would be easier to make and use.

    Above all, be patient and creative. Usually every update offers some new way to get rich quick, so keep an eye out for new mobs or blocks. Good luck making rupees!
  10. What do you mean it costs? All you have to do is go to the wastelands and get what your selling..
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  11. I made my money off of many things, selling to malls, auctions, and just selling stuff in town chat. However! A buy/sell mall does not work as well as it may seem unless you tap off you chests with dirt, and have very low sell prices, I suggest just making it buy and stock ONLY farm able items, such as cobble, stone, and logs. You can sell Iron at 1.5r a peice if you have an iron farm it sells pretty quick.
  12. But you wont have a big stock then...
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  13. Bascially just get double chests of common building materials that are a bit harder to get, auction them and people will buy them.
    Everyone loves being able to get stuff without having to collect them.
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  14. I use villager trades. Glow stone dc's are the best.
  15. I made 700k and gained tons of special items without the use of mega malls...The cost of the mall, the stocking and the sheer time it takes to do everything just did not appeal to me. Let me say this...there is NO way that you can say how to make a million. Essentially, you just have to have the right business, or the right way to get money. Try different things, experiment with things. It has taken me a year to get where I am, and I have tried all sorts of things, I lost a couple hundred thousand on the way but trying something different gained it all back. My 2 biggest times getting money though?
    1) 1.6 update. The day it came out, I made 100k. Simply going around buying every promo horse and stable voucher and then re-selling was how I made that money. I still have 7 of the stable vouchers and 8 of the promo horses to sell...think I might keep them for now though :)
    2) Selling 18002. If you are quick on the keyboard like me you can blitz the forceclaim for a residence. This came in handy on smp9 when 18002 was going derelict...Got the spawn res and sold it for 325k. Easy money made from being quick on the keyboard! Maybe I should make a service where I blitz residences for people if they pay me...but back to the point, if you need more information just private message me, but just remember, there is no guide on how to make a million, every time at least ;)
  16. Not as easy as you think when you stock ~600 items.

    I made a decent amount in my time here as an investor and merchant. I used to have a mega mall and trust me its not the way to go..
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  17. I'm pretty sure it's not that easy Faith...
  18. I have a small shop and it makes enough income to get me what I need and to be able to stock
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  19. One way to earn a lot of rupees are the promos. I think you know what I mean. I once auctioned 60k member armor, bought for 24000r back then, for 60,000 rupees. That's 36k profit, so the profit was more than the original costs. That's cool, right? :)