Best Way to Find Caves!

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  1. What is the best way to go about finding caves?
  2. Torches.
  3. I put torches lke a carpet and blanket up the floor with them myself! Just Kidding! :p You just remember that any dark spot left will spawn something behind you. The last thing you would want is a Charged Creeper walkng up behind you and causing a giant crater where you once was standing. Believe me it could happen and I was lucky because I had Bast Protection and Feather Falling enchanted on my Diamond armor. It blew up the ground from under us and I fell into a really deep ravine into lava, but luckly I had some Fire Resistance potions on me. So I survived, but I don't wish someone else to experience such an ordeal. So just remove any dark spot that may spawn a mob.
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  6. Use F3 and scan the ground and where areas that the E: value raises there will be caves or pockets of mobs.
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  7. You mean finding them? It's very easy it's best to dig down by 2 wide then listen to bats lava or zombies
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  8. Have good head phones and listen to the walls! If you here a monster through the wall, then dig to it! The closer you get to it, the louder they will become as you dig to them. If it's an unexplored cave, it should be pitch black, so anything will spawn in them. So to recap, Have good listening equipment and listen for sounds through the wall! :)
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  9. This is the best suggestion yet! Ill be using this soon.
  10. Oh and remember these few things while your digging under ground! If the blocks above are dripping a Red liquid, then there may have some lava or a lava block above you. If it is a Blue Liquid dripping then it may have some water or a water block above you. If the blocks in front, left side, right side and below you are a light brighter than the regular blocks, almost having a hot color or seeming like it is heated up then there may have some lava or a lava block below or behind them. If it is a darker color or seeming like it is cooler than the other blocks, then there may have some water or a water block below or behind them. These all can be noticed with properly lighting up a cave or while digging to find one. If you don't see these, then adjust you Video Settings on Minecraft to see to or notice it.
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  11. thanks dagu!
  12. This is how I play Minecraft on EMC, I don't expect others to follow my methods, but they are all free to try them if they like. I know other people may have thier own methods on doing things and I am not saying thier way is wrong as well. This is my way of playing, the smooth like butter way! The Butter zone!
  13. I use VoxelMap. It is a legal mod, and it highlights caves based on your y coords. That is what I used to slab caves at my gold farm
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  14. I still need to figure out how to install that :p