Behind the staff: RainbowChin

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  1. Oh, nick. You are a legend.
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  2. serious title is serious.
  3. Nailed it, for the trillionth time.
    Nick <3
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  4. Best. Video. Ever.
  5. Well played.
  6. Dangit Nick I got all excited like "OMG ANOTHER!"

    Edit: This is just supposed to be like "omg frustration" or "RAEG" not saying it's trash. xD Just clarifying.
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  7. That truck realized it was eating the lean variety of trash and hated it.
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  8. Trillionth time? Are you sure about that number?
  9. More like the 5013th time...
  10. Just Nick, being Nick... -.-
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  11. Isn't that a great thing? :)
  12. lol now this made me actually laugh out loud
  13. haha this is brilliant!
  14. Haha, the "What are you doing" at the end makes it.
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  15. I saw this coming before I even clicked the thread...
  16. I saw the video before I even clicked the thread :p
  17. The video is private
  18. Y it private?
  19. Private for me too :confused: