Behind the staff: Chickeneer

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  1. Over the years, players have been wondering about the origin of the well-known moderator called chickeneer. But today, we have the answer.

    "Why?" Because why not?
  2. I don't really know what to think about that xD

    Edit: Apart from the fact the chicken translations made me laugh way too much... :p
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  3. It all makes sense now
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  4. xD One of my favorite parts "ACTIVATE IT GABRIEL!" and there's a sheep.
  5. This is an accurate video description of how Chickeneer told me he came about.
  6. that song at the end is perfect :D
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  7. Good job on the sounds :p
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  8. hahah that's good..
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  9. Aeuhaehhh *Sobbing and delusional*


    NUU BE QUIET !!!
  10. Based on the title and the author, I thought this would literally be footage taken from behind chickeneer's back.
  11. BAHAHAHA! Awesome nick!
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  12. *clap clap*
    I must ask, what did you use for the constant explosion particles when the machine was malfunctioning?

    Butnice video! It haseth inspired me to begin working on machinamas again. ^.^
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  13. Haha, too funny, I always wondered how he got the head of a chicken. My only criticism is that there was a serious lack of melon.
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  14. Oh dear. The Red Dye should help me stay low for a while.
  15. Commands blocks on repeat with /particle. Every video I make is done with vanilla MC mechanics. Including disguising as a chicken, if anyone can find out how it was done.
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  16. /dis chicken
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  17. OK this is strange
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  18. Great video nick :D
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  19. Those are the stables from another server :V
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