Begging: A protip from Jack

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  1. Don't quote the OP pl0x

    Dear all beggars, or other similar... creatures,

    Recently begging has been on a rise again. And it's annoying. And we don't like it. At all. Well, most of us. Today I'm going to let you into some amazing market secrets, as well as a few tips about why you shouldn't beg.

    Now before I start, let me just make something clear. I personally define begging as a few things. Asking repeatedly in chat for "donations for your new megamall" is begging. Asking once, although a bit iffy, isn't. Neither's have a little donation chest at your res, sitting their for passers by to donate to. Asking for "free items to help you build your next project" repeatedly in chat is too, but advertising your project on a thread in Community Creations and accepting donations isn't. There's a subtle difference. :)

    Now, to demonstrate a point, I'm going to let you inside a dark land, known as my /tells. Here's a little snippet of one earlier:

    W nameremoved: wanna be friends
    W JackBiggin: I'm friends with everyone on EMC. :)
    W nameremoved: so pls can u help need red wool
    W JackBiggin: Try /v mystul :)
    W nameremoved: dont have shears
    W JackBiggin: They're sold there :)
    W JackBiggin: And at 405
    W nameremoved: dont have money
    W JackBiggin: Vote for free rupees -
    W nameremoved: nah
    W JackBiggin: Then don't come begging :)

    Did you spot the signs of begging? Well here's a few:

    W nameremoved: so pls can u help need red wool
    Innocent enough question. Sure, it comes across as a bit beggy so it could be interpreted in either way. If it'd been repeated, then yeah, maybe it would be begging. :)

    W nameremoved: dont have money
    W JackBiggin: Vote for free rupees -
    W nameremoved: nah
    However this is showing that you're a beggar. You'd rather just leech off the work of others instead of earn things yourself. If you're not willing to do a job that you're offered, then you have absolutely no right to expect things from other people for free.

    So, here's that amazing market secret I agreed to tell you: if you beg, or even mention wanting donations in chat, then I'm much much much less likely to donate. However, if I see you've built a cool thing, and I see a donation chest on your res, then I will more than happily throw a few rupees your way.

    Begging is losing you rupees, not earning them! During the time you could spend mining, grinding, farming, or however else people earn rupees now-a-days, you're just sitting in chat, being a pain and annoying others.

    See all those rich people? AlexChance, Todd_Vinton, IcecreamCow Faithcaster? They earned their way up there - they didn't beg.

    Earning will make you a fortune. Begging will make you peanuts.

    9. Thou Shalt Not Be a Pain In The Chat
    Do not beg for items or residence permissions, and do not expect the staff or other players to answer all your questions; do not be demanding; do not ask to become a moderator, do not ask to be teleported, and do not advertise other servers in the chat. If you come on the server just to advertize another server you will be banned permanently without warning.
  2. Speaking of alexchance, i bought out some of his uber enchanted items. I love the resp3 helm.

    Wool Shearing is also a good way to get a bunch of rupees. Just shear sheep and sell the wool.
  3. Thanks jack!!! I also believe that many supporters have to go through this because they think we all have money just because we are supporters... And oidgod did you really have to quote the whole thing???? Really...
  4. Thanks for notifying community about this. I have experienced this recently as well.
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  5. Yay. Maybe a stop to begging?
  6. Just to put this out there...

    If you NEED money to start a mall or NEED donations to build/supplie your shop/mall it's best not to build one in the first place... I know this might be kinda mean but it's true...
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  7. I agree. I wanted a shop so I labeled some chests and spent time gathering and collecting (on my own) the things I was planning to sell. I waited until I had enough of those things, built the shop, and opened it. I don't understand what people think is so hard about that.

    Now, I give things to people all the time (I like to, when I choose to) but when someone outright begs me for stuff, I think it shows blatant disregard for the deaths I've been through, armor I've used up, time I've spent hacking through kilometers of rock etc.
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  8. Then there are what I can the fishers, they announce several times in town chat with offers for sale at high prices hoping someone will bite. Sometimes they will move from sever to server trying to hawk their wares.
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  9. Sounds like me :)
  10. I have never seen you do this myself.
  11. I edited part of your post out....
  12. And that concludes another episode of 'A Protip from Jack'
  13. Nothing drives me up the wall faster than seeing all these kids building "mega malls" and begging for donations. I started in the summer of last year with a 5x8 cobblestone slab and had 5 single chests setup in this open air market. I earned money by farming up blocks from the wild and selling them at this little market. (601 Plaza was born and first customer ever was PTHaggard) I never had enough real life cash to be a supporter, so the rupees I earned came from my shop (95%) and voting (5% +/-). Now, almost a year later, I have a successful convenience store, materials shop and hotel...with more coming soon, and a large undisclosed rupee pool.

    I write this because it is very easy to EARN money, without donations, without loans, just a little bit of effort. It sickens me to see this escalated amount of begging in town chat and I will always purposely ignore them and refuse to even visit them. For the longest time I advised beggars to shear at 1605 and sell at 601, making an easy 50-100 rupees per MINUTE, but so many of these people refused to even lift a finger, I rarely even bother saying anything anymore.

    To all the beggars: Stop It!

    To all others: Visit me at 601 and let's talk business ;)
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  14. Oh, thanks for reminding me to vote :D
  15. I know right! my shop is 8 stories now, used to be one story 5*8 or so
  16. Nice guide, and I loled when I saw ICC's name crossed out xD
  17. I recommend finding a niche. Liking becoming a wood farmer or livestock producer and supply to the mega malls most of which are always out of stock anyways. A lot like real life, find something you like to do and do it well.
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