Be Nice to Sailors - Please do not block Waterways

Discussion in 'Frontier and Player Outposts' started by Curundu, Feb 28, 2013.

  1. I would like to ask those who like to make long 1-block wide bridges to please make them at least 2 blocks high from the water. The same goes for other structures (iron farms) which are often built over water.

    Otherwise if a sailor runs into one, he can suffocate and die or smash his boat and drown. If a sailor dies from suffocation with his head in a block, the sailor will lose everything he had.

    Please take a little consideration for those who travel by water.

  2. Finally someone says something about it!
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  3. Thank you. I hate it when people make whirlpools and my boat get stuck >.<
  4. Thank You for making this post. I was getting angry.:mad:
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  5. Bump old post much?
    Just asking, did it have red lining underneath the thread?
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  6. i failed to notice. i am sorry and will not do it again.
    edit: it just seems that lately more and more of these have been springing up
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  7. I don't think it would have had that message beneath it. Although I consider this thread to be rather important. Boat travel is much quicker and hunger efficient than land travel
  8. If you are unaware, this is Margaritte's favorite pet peeve!
  9. I was traveling and had to sail about fifty blocks out of my way just of find an opening in a bridge then started suffocating in a block... I managed to make it out though,
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  10. i was unaware and will probably feel someones wrath but this accurately expresses my thoughts. comeback.jpg Edit: i await my punishment
  11. You won't be punished. Not at all. This threads not even old compared to some of the other ones that have been bumped,and it didn't say not to, so your good. Nice meme, by the way.
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  12. I usually get out of ny boat where I think it would be most convenient to go through and remove the blocks that are in the way. Then I make a bridge a few steps up and rmove the currents. Whirlpools and currents are harder, but if you can get a block in place one block underneath the bridge then remove it, it will fix the problem.

    It's an extra five minutes out of my MC playtime, but usually when I make changes like this to someone's bridge they are still there when I come back to go through again.

    And I agree that some threads are perpetually relevant. The red text at the bottom of some threads says that in most cases it's rude to bump an old thread. That does not mean all cases nor does it mean that it's against the rules.

    For example, I would not post to a thread about an old Minecraft update. This thread is different as I think we need to be reminded about things like this occassionally. There's a reason threads aren't deleted after a month. They contain information that may be useful later and we can keep adding to that information and stay up to date when things change.

    The red text is really only reminding us to think before we post a reply to an old thread. This is actually something we should do before posting to any thread.
  13. Just because it says that it is an old thread. Doesn't mean they should NEVER be bumped. As Paab10S above mentions, there are quite a few relevant reasons to bump a thread despite its age.
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  14. This has taught me two things 1: its OK to bump an old post if it is still relevant. 2: meme's are awesome:).
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  15. You guys are funny. Thanks for the direction Mr. Chickeneer.

    I think it is especially important because while changing a simple meter-wide bridge may not be considered griefing, making changes to other player's structures is at best a gray area. As people become able to protect the wilderness, and because the wilderness will never be reset, and because it has a new purpose as a place to find and make a place for yourself (not just a place to gather resources), wilderness residents must realize a greater responsibility in caring for a shared resource.

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  16. Instead of just destroying bridges so you can boat through them. Consider improving the so that the bridge goes over the water
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  17. Agreed.

    Someone who shall remane unnamed once decided to flood a large area to prevent mob spawns. I decided to sail around and ended up sailing into an open ravine. ;)
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  18. Someone Just bumped a year old thread, now that is a bit old, it wasn't even a important one either :p
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  19. Bumping old threads is necessarily against the rules. Unless you are spamming the forums just to be spamming. The red message doesn't stop you from posting on a thread, just reminds you that certain posts could be considered rude if it isn't appropriate
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  20. And it's boaters awareness month.