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so what do you think?!

Meghan Lohr Photography 7 vote(s) 35.0%
Triple M Photography 13 vote(s) 65.0%
  1. Hello my fellow (awesome) Empire Citizen friends!

    hopefully everyone has been having a good day of mining, gathering and fighting those evil cave spiders! :D
    I have come to you from the Battcave to ask you what you think! I like knowing what other peoples thoughts are, and so, with something like this, I'd like many many opinions! :D

    some of you may know already that i have my own photography business, some of you may have known i got married on the 13th which has changed my name. clearly. :p well, i happened to be talking to a friend i went to highschool with today, and she thought it was cool that now that i am married, my first, middle and last initial are all M's now. she said "oh how cool! you're a triple m now!" and it got me thinking... do you think i should change the name of my business to fit along with my name change? as currently its Meghan Lohr Photography.
    it would be called Triple M Photography, in which case i'd probably stamp my photos with some little Triple M doodle. which is interesting to me! a friend of mine, when i asked them about what they thought, he said:
    and it made me laugh! so what do you think?! - oh, here is the link, if you're interested in checking it out :)

    also, i can't have anything without some batman love, so behold!
  2. I say go with Triple M. Sounds cool and mysterious.
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  3. Triple m sounds awesome :)
    Congrats on getting married too!
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  4. Yeah, Triple M. And as Jacob said, congrats on getting married! :D
  5. Did you ever think about BattMeghs Photography? Has a catchy ring to it.
  6. Triple M sounds pretty cool :) It will also be a name I think would be remembered, I'd ask your husband for his opinion, see what he likes :)
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  7. thanks :3
    i have, but no one outside of minecraft would know what in the world i'd be talking about. lol

    i asked him as soon as he got home a few minutes ago what he thought, and he got this awesome smile on his face and said he thought it sounded awesome. lol
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  8. That's fine. It's the same idea with Triple M. The mystery makes it fun. :p
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  9. Congrats on getting married !
    And Triple M
    Megan Lohr sounds formal and stuff.
    Triple M sounds mysterious and stuff :D

    And you can have a cape with three M's on it whenever you go to take pictures.
    It will be amazing Absolutely Glorious.
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  10. "Mmm Photography" sounds so good, I would eat it!

    ^ no triple, Just the 3 M's
  11. Triple M... because... well... I dunno. I'd rather have my photo taken by somebody who calls themselves 'Triple M' than by somebody who calls themselves their real names.
    Real names are too mainstream.
    Unless your name is 'The Doctor', 'batman', or 'Kiwii'.
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  12. I can see some people today actually naming their child "Kiwii" Simply so that it wouldn't be mainstream.
    To each their own though.....i guess....:confused:
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  13. i really like uncommon names, but i wouldn't go that far. lol
    that is hilarious.

    thanks yew!
  14. Some people would go as far as to calling their child 'Facebook'. People have done that, by the way...
    Hah. Just imagine that.
    "Can Facebook go to the office please?"
    "Good Morning, Facebook!"
    "What's your name? Facebook? Isn't that a website?"
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  15. I want to have a child (God willing ._. ) named Quentin. Quentin Edwards.
  16. In Australia there is a radio station called Triple M, it's copyrighted so you might have some problems with that name but honestly i like Meghan Lohr Photography.
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  17. I am seriously deciding whether or not I should have a kid. I'm awkward around them. I force myself to play with them if they ask me, and my mum gives me a look that says 'play with them or i'll ground you for the rest of your life'.
    Some people say i'd make a good parent.
    I seriously wouldn't.
    They push me too hard sometimes.
    And that isn't good for anger issues.
    I talk in paragraphs now.
    Talking in paragraphs is cool.

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  18. you're also how old..? lol one cannot gauge if they want to have a child, when you're still a child yourself. :p
    hmmm, thanks, i'll have to look into that.
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  19. You and i are probably as far from the same you can get personality wise. :p
    I love kids :D
    My little sister is a figure skater, so i am at an ice rink a lot, there are all these little kids who swarm me and sit in my lap so they can watch my little pony on my computer. (Because they have older siblings who are skating) Because you know, the guy with every episode on his computer is automatically the small child magnet. :p
    I get along very well with kids. It's funny because the parents all are amazed when i have their children sitting calmly watching ponies, or playing or something.
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  20. That would seriously be awesome.
    One time last year I said,"Who wants a piggyback ride?" In the middle of kindergarteners.
    Never do it. Ever.
    I was then swarmed by kindergarteners yelling,"ME ME ME"
    They clawed my arms.
    It was worth it, and it was awesome.
    I'd do it again.
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