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  1. Hello, and good day, fellow Empire friends. I'm hoping everyone is well.
    - but today i come to you for your support. i don't usually post this kind of thing, but it helps knowing how many people are there to help. My grandmother, Brenda has been fighting cancer for many, many years, in December she took a very wrong turn, and its been a barrel run down hill ever since.

    Friday she was rushed to the hospital.. and is still there, and it is very clear she won't be here for another week.. but she's a fighter.

    i would really appreciate it for the support, the thoughts, and the prayers to all that will. My grandfather has not left the hospital since Friday... still wearing the same clothes, refusing to leave.
    i have no idea what he's going to do, or how he's going to thrive without her.. my heart breaks just watching him hold her.
    please, keep my family in your thoughts and prayers.. i really need it. :(
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  2. You have my thoughts and always will do
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  3. Hope your grandmother fights that cancer and gets better.
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  4. I'm really sorry to hear this :(. Thoughts and prayers going towards you and your grandfather.
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  5. Sorry to hear. Hope you grandmother can fight cancer!
  6. Consider it done. You and your family are in my prayers.
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  7. You have my thoughts and prayers.
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  8. Thoughts & prayers to you and your family :(
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  9. Ah, I lost my grandfather to cancer.
    God bless, i'll keep you in my prayers.
    If she doesn't make it, she'll be in a better place.
    thCA0VC9FC.jpg She will be with Jesus
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  10. I am truly sorry to hear that... But you grandma looks like a baws and Im sure that she'll come back and beat that cancer in some really beast string of events :)

    Point is, Im sure that she'll live, and if she doesnt, I hope that you and your grandpa will be ok

    You and your entire family have my thoughts and prayers!
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  11. It's her Grandmother, Brenda :\
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  12. this is her personality on a daily basis, she's in the back, standing behind my grandfather.. :) lol
    -also, the goofiness of my aunts.. i have a crazy, crazy family. lol
  13. I will keep your grandmother in my thoughts and prayers, I hope that she will be as strong as batman and survive this.
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  14. My thoughts are with you at these sad times :( Cancer is such a horrible thing.
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  15. Very sorry to hear this Megs. :/ Hope she does well and he will be keep in my thoughts and prayers.
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  16. I hope your Grandmother gets better megs, your family will be in my thoughts and prayers!
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  17. she is a steelers fan! im gonna wear my harris jersey and root for her!
  18. sadly, today looks like its her time, she'll be passing in a few hours. =\
  19. :(
    I remember the day my uncle died...
    Best wishes to her and your family.
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