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  1. My fellow citizens, i come to you with outstanding news tonight, but i need everyones thoughts, and prayers.
    there is a house down the street

    and i can't handle how beautiful it is.... it has been for sale for at least 2 years. and i've drooled and i've drooled just over that dark brick. it is nothing short of perfect.

    ... today, the owner talked with my grandparents about wanting to rent it to someone while her family lives in Germany for 4 years (her husband is in the military) ... i was SO EXCITED that i walked straight over and she gave me a tour of the house....

    ... it is so much more beautiful than i could have ever hoped... she was REALLY happy, excited... then i got a phone call a hour after we had met and took the tour.
    her husband says NO PETS WHATSOEVER.... even though they have a dog.. i just can't do that, i have 3 birds, 2 cats and a dog.... so my heart is shattered... and i just can't stop crying.

    i asked about renting to own it until i can afford to buy it, because she's still interested in selling it, but my credit score isn't perfect enough to get pre approved to buy the house because i tried before. lol, so, she is going to ask her husband sometime tomorrow? maybe, or in the next few days about that...

    i need support, and thoughts, and prayers that this turns out for me and my family. i cannot express how happy i'd be to get my dream home... this is so perfect, and i just can't hold myself together.

    you're the best community of people i've ever known, and i HAD to share this with you. i need your prayers that this goes in my favor and that we can rent to own this!
  2. Wait so you don't own any bats named Bruce?


    On another note that house looks awesome, I'd jump on it 1st chance I got :p Time to use my knees :D
  3. ... i should name one of my (still nameless birds) Bruce... lol
  4. NO! Must be a bat! and male, that's important.
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  5. Wow, that looks like a really nice house…
    I wish you luck that you will be able to get the house!
  6. I'm sorry :( maybe you could leave your pets with friends and family while you rent it, and visit them occasionally, and then take them to the house when you buy it?
  7. i cannot stop looking at it, i've dreamed i could own this house for years... and i've finally gotten the opportunity i would have NEVER thought i would get to even rent it!

    i have no one who would be willing to do that, it would be easier to get rid of them... but there is no way i will ever do that.
  8. Dear Mother of God, This This House is awesome no that's not good word for it hmmmm Fantastic, Brilliant could go on forever. Anyways I hope everything works out for you and get a good deal on it when you get a call back.
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  9. best wishes and good luck!
    Hope it turns out okay meghs :p
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  10. the owner is going to be asking her husband tonight about what he thinks to rent to own, or to work something out so that i'm able to rent/buy it... i'm so eager for this to work out! please please please please!
  11. *Prays... prays... prays*

    Or you could flash off yo monies, I mean gurl you bought a hotel to swim in a pond!
  12. .... god. if only i could buy real things with my rupees, i could buy the house out right in four seconds...
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  13. Make a mock up on it in EMC and then buy it from me :p
  14. If you could trade in rupees for cash, some people would be millionaires. :p
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  15. ... like me! ... even after i bought that house. :rolleyes:
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  16. she's informed me that her husband is supposed to call soon! gah! i don't know what to do with myself! :D
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  17. Good luck, hope everything turns out well for you.
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  18. thank you! :D :D :D :D :D
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  19. .... and it's a no.
    I'd have to get loans and a mortgage to buy it now :( ugh
  20. :(