batcave 2.0

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  1. the overhaul of the batcave is complete, utopia 5268
    i really think you should go check that out!
  2. naananananananananana Batman!
  3. Looks amazing :)
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  4. Oh, you do really think I should? Ah, got to find some time then... ;)
  5. thank you! :) i had some help from a few friends =3
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  6. Wow. Note: You may have to turn your render distance up to see it.
  7. Can someone upload a picture for those who are to lazy to log on themselves? XD
  8. hahaha, i'll take a few in a couple minutes and post them for you. :p
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  9. its very annoying that screenshots wont work -_- lol

  10. I went expecting a little cave with some "computers" here and there, but this, wow. This is extremely impressive, must have taken forever. Respect level = over 9000.
  11. hahaha, it took me like, 5 days? if that xD
    - bite, and my friend sammy helped me a bit, also jim :)
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  12. I feel so inferior, it takes me a week to hollow out a 20x20 room (I might have gotten sidetracked once or twice)....
  13. sadly distractions happen, lol xD
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  14. Nice cave...
    If you want, I have an awesome way to dispense armor. The armor hangs on the wall and the pistons pull the blocks back and they filter into an armor equipper.
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  15. Nice job :)
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  16. thanks Todd! :)
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  17. Holy moly. What else can I say.... It's amazing....
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