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Have you been banned?

Yes 17 vote(s) 22.1%
No 60 vote(s) 77.9%
  1. This is the first time I was ever banned. The thing is, I wasn't givin a warning. I was singing and didn't realize i was spamming while singing. Soz guys. If you were banned, put the reason here. I was only banned for an hour, so I can live with it.
  2. 152 days is how long I went before my first ban, and that ban was still a minimal offense. Sure it's pretty bad, but it's the least bad one to have.
  3. I have been kicked and banned lots of times! All for the sake of my videos. So I voted no since I don't think they really count.
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  4. I have been kicked a couple of times for swearing,But never banned for it I think
    The reason for getting kicked is always that i have forgot to do /tell freind ********
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  5. One time I was banned for 30 minutes, I used to many question marks... WHY???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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  6. spamming. Too many ? means spamming. I was excessively spamming.
  7. soz Justin!
  8. I was banned ONCE for two or three hours because I swore in chat. It made no sense, because it was my first ever chat offense and I didn't even get a warning. After doing it, the others on the server asked me to calm down, and I did. Several minutes later the ban occurred.

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  9. I've never been banned on EMC but when I was doing some console work on my old server I accidentally banned everyone from the server including myself... xD
  10. I know the key to not getting banned.
  11. Does banning yourself on your own server count? If so, I have multiple of them xD
  12. As do I, but everyone has their flaws.
  13. Btw, the poll question is mispelt.. Have you been baned? Is that like getting beaten up by Bane? I think that only Batman can honestly say that he has been Baned.. xD
  14. I gave never been banned or kicked because I follow the rules.
  15. Oh, I do get kicked on SMP6 every now and then for like falling asleep or going off to cook dinner or something..
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  16. Actually a lot of people have been baned(read The Secret Six[The Gail Simone one]).
  17. I have never been Banned, Kicked or had someone threaten to report me.
    I just follow the rules and don't have to worry about it!
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  18. Same here.