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  1. Hello,

    I have had a major thought while walking around EMC lately. The amount of Residences that are from banned players. I think you need to implement a system where if a player is banned. After a set amount of time (say a month) the residence is then removed so another player can claim it. Otherwise we are just getting a massive backlog of un-used Residences.

    Sam :)
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  2. actually, they should be removed instantly, the accounts get purged
  3. This is technically already in place. After a player is banned, their res goes derelict after 30 days, a new player gets one free claim of a res, whether its derelict or not.
  4. *coughcough*
    COST: 5,000r
  5. Yes but it doesn't let you walk onto the residence.
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  6. I thought newbies got one free claim, I don't know if they should instantly be wiped. It might already be set to delete derelict reses if the all of the reses fill up. (I think it is.)

    Sam, you can inch on to the res to view the details.
  7. The Move perms were changed recently for banned player's residences. You can go on them now. It's kind of goofy though. You can't /v to them but you can walk on them if you can find one:
  8. It might be but my main point is it says you can't walk onto the Res at the owner is banned. So you are unable to force claim it.
  9. You can still forcelaim a res with move turned off, it's just challenging. You have to jump onto it and quickly press enter up enter so you can do it quick enough..
  10. you can claim residences remotely (using numbers)

    They should not be removed instantly. There is the possibility that we make a mistake, so we give them time to appeal their ban. If they are innocent - they are unbanned with no further consequences.

    Also, if they are guilty, but we decide to give them a 'second chance'; their account is purged completely - the same as a new member.

    As for other banned residences, they are on the list for derelict and the system unclaims them as needed.
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  11. Hmm I suppose. If anything you should remove the move false flag if someone gets banned and in the res info add that it's a res from a banned player.
  12. right *facepalm*
  13. Not going to happen. The reason for the banned flag is to prevent players from interacting with anything that the banned player owns (prevents users bypassing their ban with alts and 'saving' their stuff). It is simpler this way.

    If I remember correctly, yes it does block all permissions, but things such as shop signs might still work.
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  14. I thought they removed move being false? So that way people can still walk on a banned person's residence - but the message says 'This player is banned' ... and then you can see if you can claim the residence ... whereas before you had to like run real quick on the residence and type /res info (if you didn't have string)
  15. eh, I don't know. Will test it real quick
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  16. TP flag is false, but move is on. Meaning you can walk on to the players residence.
  17. Hmm it doesn't let me walk onto certain peoples. Are you sure it's not just because you're Mod?
  18. If your move flag set to false before the player was banned, then it would still be set at false after they were banned.