Banned for no reason?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by THEMODDEDRUSSIAN, Oct 18, 2012.

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  1. Banned for no reason? Today i log of around 6 pm eastern USA time and i was talking to people to see if i could pay someone to build/design my store for me then i talked to a moderator and asked her how and what type of people get recruited for admins and etc, ( me bieng new to the server) and i log off after finding that nobody was gonna help me and i log on now and im "banned my margrite or whartever her name is for offensive comments when i never said anything offensive and the people i was talking to can even prove this server has some very legit admins doesn't it....WOW
  2. Trust me, the mods are good at what they do. I would like to see a chat log.
  3. Well first of all you should be talking to the person who banned you to see exactly why he/she did that. Also i think it was rude of you to put that comment at the end of the post "wow this server has some very legit admins doesn't it....WOW" that was very uncalled for and not necessary.
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  4. Mods have reasons. Margaritte has very good reasons.
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  5. This is not the way to appeal your ban. Please privately message margaritte and she will be able to assist you. Reporting thread so it can be locked...
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  6. its Margaritte, and she's amazing? she's not going to ban anyone without actually having to... so lol and clearly, "or whatever her name is" isn't nice either....

    you're low. this community has the best staff i've ever seen.. and there is the second offensive thing you've said just on here.
  7. Thread locked.
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