Ban the videos!

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Ban the videos?

Yes 16 vote(s) 47.1%
No 18 vote(s) 52.9%

    Lately I have seen videos in peoples' signature, and it really bothers me. I can't see the post behind the post with the video. It is very frustrating sometimes. I have to shake the screen around to see what is under the post. That's hard and unnecessary.
    So I was thinking, if everyone with a video in their signature, please remove it. If you want people to see your video, then make a thread about.

    Everyone! Support the cause!
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  2. Video blocking the post below? :confused:
  3. But.. My cats a babe ..
    Just for you though. Ill get rid of it xD
    But explain the blocking thing please:)
  4. I do not have this problem, that is a web browser issue
  5. I do believe that people's sigs are limited to a certain height.
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  6. i have noticed that the videos cut off about half way, and break the signature, but i havent had many problems with it.
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  7. :3
    its just the video blocks the post. Ill get a picture.
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  8. What browswrr do you suggest? I use firefox.
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  9. Personally, I'd suggest trying Chrome and seeing if it works better. Also, I got rid of my signature for space's sake before it was cool :cool:
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  10. I'd recommend trying Chrome. Worst case scenario you can just uninstall it. Also, I got rid of my signature for space's sake before it was cool :cool:
  11. It seems to be a bug with some mobile browsers - for example, Safari on my iPod Touch doesn't correctly cut off the video, but Chrome on it does.
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  12. I do not have a problem with this. Thought people singnature's are getting bigger and bigger i find that a pain

    JackBiggin have you tied zooming in lol. Edit removed - That what IPads are for.... Make things Bigger
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  13. It's a browser bug. I'll get a screenshot up later, but the video in the signature deffo doesn't cut off correctly. Note the word iPOD not iPAD. :)
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  14. I get the same thing on my iPad.
  15. It's only an issue for mobile browsers, more specifically Safari I believe. The video blocks the post(s) below and it's really annoying so I agree that if ICC/Aikar/Max/Justin see these signatures they should be able to remove them. I'm sure that they're the only ones able to edit them (perhaps snr. staff).

    *Banning* might be a bit extreme, definitely not punishable - just explain with a post on their profile page. :p
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  16. my mobile browser also has this problem, sometimes you cann't read a whole post.

    here is just a example:
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  17. So, its obviously inconvenient to people, so can we stop putting videos? xP

    [edited spelling. incontinent has a totally different meaning - Bigdavie]
  18. noeps, it is a buggeh
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  19. I don't know why your even able to do such a thing... Videos are def something that shouldn't be in a signature. I'll file a bug for Justin to look into it.