ban appeals "penance"

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  1. what if those few people who get banned and are allowed back have to do a series of tasks to be able to actually play the game, this would all be up to the mods depending on the severity of the ban.

    example: someone was banned for cursing alot or whatever get allowed back on the condition that they (and they dont have access to anything before they do this) fill in a full inventory of blocks outside of wild spawn. the punishments could range from severe: such as compiling a list of all derelict reses with names, res numbers and days since last log.
    to minor: a small donation to a local noob in good standing.

    i feel like this will make people either want to get banned less or alleviate some of the meager responsibilities mods have whilst teaching the ban-ee a lesson
  2. This is a good idea.
    If someone was banned for greifing, this would not be a good idea though.
    Only misdemeanors could get this option
  3. well i doubt a griefer would be let back but maybe they could like code it where they could not destroy/travel out past the area they are supposed to fix or thing they are supposed to do till its done, might be alot of work to code now that i think about it but maybe it could be useful in some ways lol
  4. They could do the work, and then greif ALL over again.
    It would be safe to just perm. ban greifers PERIOD
  5. I'm not so sure about this. Also, you should have added a poll.
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  6. This reminds of Prison servers.... EMC is not a Prison server....
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  7. This is a nice idea, but a bad one. Who is going to take a time to come up with penances for each case and ensure that they are carried out correctly? I still think there could be some public shaming, though.
  8. Public shaming?
    collect12:Hey everyone, use /p (insertplayernamehere) and see what creative ban reason the mods made!
  9. No the ban system is fine as it is because I could see those banned players causing a ruckus while doing their task.
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  10. I like this idea, just that instead of the block placing idea for people with foul language, just a chat ban for maybe 24-72 hours depending on the severity of the language.
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  11. I like that. I mean, Normal ban should still exist but this is a great idea for small stuff like swearing and similar :)
  12. Think again :(

    I agree.
  13. People shouldn't get perm ban for cursing, maybe a walk of shame will do
  14. /p gayouser
    Thanks crazy1080 ^_^
    I play on another server that has a shark tank. That could get interesting. But a silverfish pit...
  15. What if he came back on the day he got his ban lifted o.o
  16. It's in roughly 15 years :p
  17. That Sig... Where did you get that sig?
  18. He designed it himself :p
    He also designed me, jtc, Spenser, and lots of others one. He has a free service :p
  19. You have to think about it for a moment, ppl who get banned know they are or have been breaking the rules. The rules are there to keep the peace and also to keep it fair for all. When someone uses bad language, griefs, steals or uses illegal mods, they know they are breaking the rules but they also are hoping that no one will find out and if they do they will simply try pass it off with excuses.

    It was my little brother they logged in and griefed, stole, etc when I was not there. <- your account your responsibility.
    Someone hacked my account <- your login ip address would confirm this
    I know I was using banned mods I am really sorry can I be unbanned!! <- If you knew what you where doing was wrong why do it (because you thought you could get away with it, wrong)
    I was having a bad day and got annoyed <- ok we all have bad days but it is no excuse to destroy other ppls day, that is just mean.

    Please feel free to add any other excuses you know off.....

    The system that is in place now seems to work fine, I think some ppl just need to learn the value and privilege of being able to play on such a good server as EMC , dont lose your fun buy breaking rules!
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  20. I had a hand spasm and spammed the chat. Please unban me! (I have never seen this happen, keep in mind)