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Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by TheAntiHipster, Feb 15, 2014.

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  1. How long does it usually take to get your ban appeal notices?
  2. Not long, most of the time. It depends, sometimes most of the staff team can be asleep though.
  3. You just have to wait.

    I wouldn't have posted a thread if I were you though, now you're going to get people coming along and saying "OMG YOU POSTED THREAD YOU NEVAR GOING TO BE UNBANNED!"

    Just ignore those people and just be patient. Sometimes ban appeals will get caught up in other PM's, so if the mod you PM'd has been on, but hasn't responded to your PM, I'd recommend bumping it. But you should wait at least a day before doing so.
  4. Most of the staff run on PST, CMT, MST and EST time zones.

    So it all depends on who you messages it to...
  5. Ok, thanks guys. Because it's almost been 2 weeks w/no response from IcecreamCow.
  6. In this case, you might want to bump your appeal, some PM's get lost in the masses they get.
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  7. Just bump the conversation if you have not already. I would invite the mod that banned you (assuming it was a mod that did ban you) to the conversation also.
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  8. Two weeks and you're still here waiting for another chance! You really like it here :D!

    Just bump the thread and maybe add another mod as ICC is covered with ban appeals. Make sure that your appeal isn't just

    OMG im sorry i didnt meen to do it i wunt du it agen lol.


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  9. Thanks bro.
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  10. Ok, Haha I'll make sure to not do that. I'll just copy n paste the convo.
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  11. Who banned you?
  12. you don't actually need to CTRL-C CTRL-V the convo, you can click on the "add members" button beneath the list of people in the convo
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  13. I've replied. I can't find one from two weeks ago, but saw you did an appeal earlier in the day today.
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