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  1. Hello friends, staff, and people I hate,
    I come to you today with a very unfortunate situation; I've had a DC full of promos and 2 beacons stolen right off my own residence.
    Your first thought must be, of course, that I gave flags out that I shouldn't have. Thats the problem. I didn't.
    There are 2 people besides myself who have flags on my res. Chrozerice, which is my alt, and Actanonverba1994, who is a friend.
    I noticed that a particular person, --, had both build and container flags set to false. This is odd, because I have never met this person, gave them rupees, or, most importantly, given them flags.
    So how could -- have flags to my res?
    Thats the first problem.
    Next, how is it that staff are unable to find ANY evidence of my account, or any account, setting flags for --. This person has obviously found a security flaw. How does staff deal with it? hey blame it on me.
    "It's your fault because you gave them flags" I have been told over and over. But, as mentioned before, I NEVER GAVE OUT FLAGS
    EMC has a security flaw that has been exploited, and I, the victim, is being blamed for it. I know that Square logs a ton of stuff, for the exact reason to prevent shit like this from happening, so why is it that is is absolutely USELESS in this situation?
    Block logs. We all know they exist, especially for blocks such as the beacon. Again, staff are unable to see any evidence of a beacon being taken off my res. Why? BECAUSE EMC HAS A SECURITY FLAW
    Even if I DID set flags, there would still be a log of somebody taking a beacon OFF MY OWN RES!!
    So why is there no information? Why am I being blamed? Can anybody help at all?
    PLEASE don't say this is not the place to report. Thanks. Wow. Didn't know that. It's not like I've PM'd multiple staff, on forums and out asking for help. The only mod who's helped thus far is Manchildie, bless his soul.
    The point of this rant is that EMC HAS A SECURITY FLAW and staff need to stop VICTIM BLAMING
    Saying it's my fault is like this:
    "Oh, John broken into your house, killed your dog, took your TV, and assaulted your wife? Damn, to bad it's your fault that your door was unlocked."
    Emphasis on them HAVING A SUSPECT

    If you have read this far congratulations and thank you for taking time and reading. The first 10 people to message me on the forums will be given 2,000r because I fricken feel like it. Maybe more because why the hell not.
  2. Do you have any siblings or friends that could have logged in as you and done stuff, I recently had an issue with things happening without flags as well.
  3. I understand your frustration. Possible glitch in the system. They could look into -- vaults/residence but cannot guarantee any returns. I would suggest messaging a Senior Staff for this with more details. Otherwise :c
  4. No siblings using MC at the moment. I'm sorry to hear you've had troubles to but im glad we're not alone.

    I've already messaged staff, thank you for your support :)
  5. Only persons with admin can give out to other people any type of flag(except admin). If you did not put those flags, someone else with admin flag did...if none of those have admin flags, then maybe it was you, just a long time ago??
  6. Only people with admin is Me, and Chrozerice, who is Me
    -- (le suspect) is 30 something days old, and I defiantly havent given them flags in that time.
  7. but...if you left your door unlocked it IS your fault that stuff was stolen....

    thats not to say the thief did nothing wrong, just to say that measures could of been taken to prevent this.

    also acta or cho if they had admin could of given him flags and taken them off. i honestly would believe a flaw in humanity before a flaw in the flags system. three possible culprits versus blaming the system
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  8. There was a hacking incident a day or so ago, so it could have been someone involved in that....
  9. When is the last time (before today) you have checked flags? You could have set flags that you don't remember, but that's weird.

    I suggest checking the "logs" folder in your .Minecraft folder, open the most recent .txt file (at the bottom) and Ctrl+f "/res pset". Just that. Don't bother with the rest of the command.

    Go back in time a little bit. It's really quick to do this. But there's probably more that staff can do than you. I'm sorry you're being blamed for this. Usually players complain when they set flags.

    But answer this: do you know how to REMOVE flags or just set them to false? If so, WHEN did you learn to remove flags?

    Ask the EXACT SAME question to your friend. You obviously don't want to hear this, but he might have given out flags.

    You should also check your friend's res for -- having flags, and --'s res for your friend having flags.
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  10. No. A moderator password was stolen; nothing more. All the player did was spam broadcasts.

    Besides, moderators can't set flags.
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  11. It's not your fault if you get killed because you left the door open. The perpetrator of an act is always at fault. Sure, safety measures could have been in place, but still not your fault. However, the main point I was trying to make with that analogy is the presence of a suspect. I meant to imply that they KNEW who was responsible, but since the door was unlocked the victim was to blame.

    Also, Chrozerice is my alt that nobody else has accss to, and Actanonverba had containment. Sure, he could have taken the promos, but not the beacons. And better yet, he is a good friend of mine with a good heart, who I trust.
  12. both of your accounts could of been compromised, so there are three culprits, you, acta, and whoever this gar fella is.

    and you are right, it isnt your fault in your analogy is you get killed, but in that same analogy it is your fault that the killer walked into your house and killed you there instead of in the street
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  13. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll look into it.
    However, -- is a new player (30ish days old) and I am certain I did not set any flags for him in the time he has been on EMC.
    Also, you raise a good point; whenever I remove flags, i REMOVE them, not set them to false. flags for gar5 where set to false, which makes me even more suspicious.

    When talking to Manchildie, he (or she?) said that my accounts have not been hacked. I'm assuming that means all the IP's my account has connected with are the same.
    Also, touche ;)
  14. Yes, I figured that you removed flags. I've seen dozens of lines of false flags on other player's residences.

    However... ask staff to check all the IPs that have accessed your account. Staff can do that, I'm sure of it. If it leads to only your IP, check the chat logs. It's your best course of action in my experience.
  15. I'm in my Logs folder and the Latest file is only from yesterday. I see other files, but they are .gz and I'm not sure how to open them. Any tips?
  16. wordpad
  17. Give me 15 minutes to get home and I'll do a better job explaining it. :)
  18. I can't get wordpad to open the .gz file, but it will work for the .txt file

    ok thanks :)
  19. Open in note pad if possible. :)
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  20. i meant note pad derp
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