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  1. I was just on Empire Minecraft, just checking my stats, until my anti-virus popped up and warned me about Malware, and it came from Empire Minecraft! It wasn't the site, but it was just the advertisements that pop up on the site. Luckily, my anti-virus blocked it and my computer is thankfully safe, but I was just wondering if this site could be a little safer with advertising? I love this site, but this wasn't the first time this happened to me. I'm getting a bit cautious with this site now because of the advertisements, so I was just wondering if we could make the advertisements safer, or just remove them. Thanks, I hope everyone else doesn't have this problem. :)
  2. You can download and install add blocker on your browser. All of the adds are gone for me.
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  3. The exact same thing happened to me. I'll probably install the ad blocker so I really don't get a virus from
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  4. I will end up installing one anyway. What's a good ad blocker?
  5. I keep seeing the stupid WarHero ads pop up everywhere. Maybe this website can dim down on the inappropriate and virus related advertisements. Is there a way they can be blocked by the site itself?
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  6. Depends,
    What browser do you use?
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  7. you cant get a virus unless you click it. you probly have mcaffee or norton they do alot of false reports because they are poo antiviruses

    edit: well this applies on empire atleast there are some sites you will get viruses off their popups but usually a good a-v will detect the malicious page first
  8. It's up to the ads company.
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  9. the ads are based on your ip's adtracker. someone on your ip likes whatever that is all i get on empire is dating sites and computer program adverts
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  10. There's not much that the staff can really do sadly, the ads come from Google and it's well known that they don't screen their ad sources very well. They could remove the ads altogether but it's likely they wont because it's one of the sources of income.
  11. DNT heading settings...
  12. wut? do not track has little to do with you putting information into a search engine if you search something the website is going to track it and associate it with your ip. unless you are using a browser specifically attuned to privacy you are being tracked for just about every line you type
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  14. I just downloaded adblock and everything is 50 times better
  15. I also recommend Adblock plus. That is what I have (I'm running off of chrome).
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  16. That must be Panda then, we share an ip since we both live in the same house.
  17. Me? I just play Minecraft! It might be coming from other games we play, like Lotro, some advanced graphic games. I'll look into adblocker, sounds so useful! Thanks guys! :D
  18. for chrome, ad block plus.
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  19. I use Internet Explorer, what should I use for that?
  20. I used internet explorer to download chrome so........ I'd do that :p