Award Ceremony: Aniyuma - The Legend of the Dragon Trio

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  1. Award Ceremony

    When: Saturday 17th of March EST: 5 pm PDT: 3 pm GMT: 10 pm CET: 11pm
    Where: 6838 SMP 3
    Who: Everybody can attend the ceremony, but especially the winner should attend :D
    There might be some prize winnings for visitors too.
    What if I can't attend as a winner: No problem, if you can't attend the event, you will get your prizes afterwards
    What if I ask you a question which is answered here: I will look like this -.- in front of the screen.
  2. Can I win things please? :(
  3. Oh noes, I have to stand there and look like a noob. Can't my internet just not work for that time? :p

    Wait wait wait

    What if I can't come?

    (Only to annoy you)
  4. If I have worked this out correctly.. I think I will have to be up at 3am on a Sunday >.< The things I do..
  5. 2 am...
  6. Poor New Zealand, Always having to get up at 3am to go to a something the most of the world considers evenings.
  7. Oh, Btw your both wrong, It's 11am
  8. Hmm I think I will introduce an EMC Timezone. then it is same time for every one ... XD
  9. EMC works off your location in the world.
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  10. no its not? i am EST and i know for a fact that she is +17 from me..
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  11. GMT 10PM + 13 = 11am
  12. lol.. yeah.. good call.. i just saw it.. My inability to think properly atm XD
  13. Hahaha that's my bad. I read the GMT as 3pm. Woops ;)
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  14. What prizes might there be for attending?
  15. Who knows, but it includes people who didnt won too. I dont do event boring for anybody who participates, also it might be just something small, who knows...
  16. Another Full server after school..... Yay
  17. saturday school where you from?
  18. why on st. patricks day XD WHY!!! because I definitely will not be there now.
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