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  1. Well, has anyone played minecraft p.e.? And all you have to do is find the recipe press a button a couple times and the certain amount of the item pops into your inventory. Well I think EMC should add this promo with the attribute -soulbound. It will be kinda like the labor bench except it will show every possible recipe, and when you find the recipe you want you just click the button and if you have the right resources you can craft the item/items into the thing you want to make, and when you press the button the certain amount of things you want to make will pop into your inventory. You will get this automatic crafter at 500-2000 vote levels.

    say what you think about it. ;)
  2. This wouldn't be possible without client modding, so I'd say no
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  3. As nltimv said, not possible to the level of P.E without client modding. The closest replication would be of a Chest GUI, however this would be far to complicated to condense everything down, and wouldn't be able to show the recipes of every item constantly, without opening and closing a rather large number of GUIs.

    EDIT: Not saying that it is a bad idea of anything. It is just simply not something that is easily doable without using client mods, with EMC has no intentions of using.
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  4. Firstly: this wouldn't be realistically possible.
    But anyway, I wouldn't like this. I agree it's easier and quicker, but the crafting is in my opinion an important part of Minecraft, and I don't think I agree with the idea of this promo.
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  5. Wouldn't it be better to just use the wiki for crafting recipes? It kind of takes the 'fun' out of the game in my opinion. Again as stated before I'm not saying I hate the idea, I just don't think it belongs on EMC.
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  6. The recipes are there to find the thing you want to craft and so you just press the button and get the item.
  7. Or you could remember the recipe, drag the correct items into your crafting bench and the click your mouse button to receive them :p

    We also have the macro mod that is actually on the approved mods list which is great. Once your inventory is filled with all items it takes to craft another, you simply click the key you've bound to that recipe and BOOM ;) Sorted.
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  8. I tried this mod a few times, but it never worked for me. Mine always rubber bands and drives me mad. Mind sending me how you got yours working?
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  9. Well thx for your thoughts.
  10. Shoot me a PM and I'll get back to you after college :) But it is an extremely useful mod for anyone whos ever heard of it, especially if you own a gold/iron farm :p crafting 4 stacks of blocks at a time with the click of a button.
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  11. Agreed with previous thoughts in this thread. Just use the Macro mod if you really really want, it's approved - an auto crafter like this would be a different kind of mod :)
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  12. Teach me. :p
    Thanks for letting me know of something I should've known of much earlier. I'll have to try it this weekend. :)

    EDIT: that "of" shouldn't have 2 f's, like it had before I edited this... Recently I've been making that mistake way too often, but I usually correct it afterwards :p
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