Automated disclaimer? (Within 30 days!)

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  1. Hi there, 17 days ago I joined the server to be Bloodra1n's rival in the market. A GM helped me to build a nice housy and i had lots of fun playing along in a bunch of (birthday?) events... i think the host his name was Faith?

    I've got a busy live and i do many things (Artsy things mostly!)... But when i came to continue my journey on this server today... Everything was gone :( Than I mean, gone, unclaimed, only my inventory remained...

    I asked Bloodra1n because i see him everyday IRL, he said something like "We unclaim plots from people that don't login." (And the game also says 30 days) It makes a little sense, but only a little! Its logic that you don't want empty residences everywhere, but what if a residence is not empty? >.< Now all i have left is a tool kit because everything was in those deleted chest >.< Is there a way i can perhaps get a new starter pack so i can have my own animal farm or such?

    (Or if you can get my house back on the plot that i re-claimed, i would be even happier!)

    (Can you feel the frustration that next to my empty residence is still the same unfinished tiny house with lots of trees...which did not the deleted? xD)
  2. Derelict timers do not work by the amount of blocks on the residence, the system simply unclaims at 30 days or somewhere close after. It's unfortunate that residences with stuff on goes out to the system but it is the way it works so that the constant feed of new players can actually access residences to work on.

    Unfortunately, there is no way to get your stuff back once you have lost it to derelict, it's a shame but the only way to get new stuff now is to buy it with your rupees (which you will still have) or find some friends in game and ask if they are willing to help you out! :)

    If you are commonly not able to login though, make sure you vote for the Empire under the "Vote" category located at the top of the site with all of the buttons; voting every now and then will reset your derelict timer to 30 days again so you can be sure not to lose your residence even if you do not log in when you vote! It's quick and easy and will keep your residence timer ticking over.

    If you want to know anything else or need a little bit of help then feel free to reply to this, PM me on the site or find me in-game!
  3. This is a separate reply in regards to the timer disclaiming the residence under 30 days: Newer members have shorter derelict timers so that derelict new members do not take up all of the residences and restrain the new members coming out of tutorial getting residences. However, after a given amount of time, your derelict timer will be "bumped up" to a longer time. It doesn't take long to access the 30 day derelict timer, so once you have it, you should be able to keep ticking over fairly easily.

    The exact timings and all the information on derelict are accessible via the Wiki - I have gone to the Wiki and found the page for you so you can read into it, hope this helps!
  4. Kinda offtopic - but what server do you play? SMP 4 I'm guessing as that's where his 9000 mall is :p
  5. Yep! If i would have known about the 5 days earlier, i would have made sure to stick around, but i was told 30 ;~;

    Now where can i beg for a few things? XD
  6. ill help you im on smp4 just msg me im on right now so come if your on :D :p :S
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  7. I think just signing up for the forum brought you up to 30 days. If you do it resets your derelict timer as well. You just have to complete a vote and correctly type your username.
    Also, no begging :p Good luck, and hope you stick around.
  8. Thanks for the offer, i'll check again in the evening when i get home ;)
  9. See the Derelict Policy
    The derelict time vary based on how how long a player has been on EMC.
    This is to combat players who join for a day and leave, or join and play for a week and leave.

    Also, keep in mind that voting counts as logging in (no log in bonus, but you do get a voting bonus), so if you cannot play for a little while, all you will have to do is 'vote' and it will reset the derelict timer.

    If you type in /p Ariazone it will show you your derelict status.
    If you go onto the adjacent res, and type in /res info, you may see that plot's status and owner.

    I feel for you that if you got your res reset, its hard to 'start up' again.
    Hit me up in game if you need some tools or animal eggs, or what not to get you back up and running again.
    While I cannot "replace" your exact items, I can at least share the fruits of my labor with you :).

    Good luck, and hope to see you around!
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  10. Hehe, looks like we're all competition. Mwhahaha!
  11. If you're around when I login tonight I can give you some animal eggs to rebuild your farm.
  12. Just ask people nicely in game if they could help you get going again. Make sure you do not beg though, and I think you will be surprised by just how many people are willing to help :D
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