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  1. i want a command that you can do and it can auto pay a player by month, week or day i think this would be a good idea because if i open a mall were you can rent rooms instead of logging on and doing /r pay evrey time you have to pay when you can be doing other stuff and dont hate it because about the example like other times this could be good to because if you have to pay somebody or alot of players evrey month, day or week or make its so you can pick a date the payment will stop on
  2. No. I just, don't think this is a good idea.
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  3. This could be ok but has potential for abuse.
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  4. This is too easy to screw up. I think a /r pay every once and a while is much more reliable than having your rupee account automatically send money to another without any input of your own.

    *Removed, because it's "dam disrespectful"*
  5. why does evreybody talk about my spelling
  6. Yes, evreybody. Clearly. did you not se the lil' ................. thing?
  7. Spelling and grammar are important. If you want to people to take you seriously, you must make it easy for your readers. If they constantly have to mentally correct your issues (since it is sometimes hard to read a poor paragraph), they might just quit reading. Also, poor paragraphs somewhat tell us that you aren't too serious about your idea, because if you were serious, you would have put effort into it.
  8. You're like some sort of mind reading god...
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  9. Consider this, though; if the money was auto-payed and a user was away longer than they meant to keep paying (like an unseen funeral; that happened to me once;). Then the person who was being auto-payed would hoard money they weren't intended to get.
  10. Will let me be, apparently, the only one besides yourself that likes this idea.
    That is all.
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  11. I'm sorry, but I've learned to disagree with all your ideas. I, just think they're all bad. Permission to post No One Cares?
  12. If you have valid reasoning. Don't just say this just because he suggested one or two bad things in the past.
  13. I like this idea. It seems helpful for renting hotel rooms, malls, and storage. Good thinking. But maybe revise what you think into something a little neater :D
  14. Fine, this too is a bad idea. The potential for abuse is rather high, and the actual usefulness is arguably non-existent when you compare it to simply paying on time. Permission to post No One Cares?
  15. Well you could cancel like /autopay *player name* *every other day/week/month(date)* *amount* on/off.
  16. Yes, but if you were delayed, then you couldn't shut off the rupee paying. So maybe we could add a timer to this?
  17. I believe it could be good as long as you had to type in a length of time that this Auto Pay would span. Thus accidents couldn't happen, because even if you were gone for 3 months, the AutoPay might last only 3 weeks. There are people out there who would not remind you to cut off the payment, so I see that the only safe way to do this would require that you enter a contract length.
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  18. well i think it would be good for rentals
  19. i like the timer idea
  20. I wouldn't turn down this idea immediately. Its certainly good for hotels and storage rentals but doing autopay has some cons as well as pros. But all in all, this is a matter of perspective.