Australia Day with an Australia Flag!

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  1. Happy Australia Day!

    Go to the Empire Flag Shop to get your very own (current) Aussie flag.
    (downstairs at town spawn, take teleport to flag shop)

    As always with these flags, they are not cross-server. Don't vault them or they will be broken.

    The cost is 2r total (1r for each of the sides)

    Thanks to ItsMeMatheus for putting up with me for the hours it took to complete/perfect this =P

  2. yayayyay been waiting for this!! happy australia day!! put a shrimp on the barbie
  3. Now that is some pretty nice work :D

    Is the Aussie flag about to change maybe?
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  4. happy australia day peoplz
  5. Everyone get pumped for these new flags i have a feeling there are tons coming :D :D :D
  6. Awesome!!! Now all you have to do is get rid of the 6th star under the Union Jack and you have the New Zealand flag!!:) hopefully it gets realeased on Waitangi Day :D
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  8. Another flag to add to the collection ^_^ Happy Australia Day to all you Aussies :p
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  9. I guessed that this flag would come today! Going to grab one now ;)
  10. I expect the Irish tricolor on St. Patrick's Day, and the Ulster Banner on the 12th of July. ;)
  11. You can expect all you like. Doesn't necessarily mean they will be made...
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  12. Well the Dutch flag isnt so hard... :)
  13. Careful now, or we'll hold a fleg protest

    are these obscure norn iron fleg jokes getting old yet guise
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  14. Oh, I kinda expected it to be upside-down.

    Well, happy for all those Australians on EMC, they finally got their flag. Still waiting on that Libyan flag though:
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  15. Yay!! Another flag to add to my collection. :D
  16. Woot, happy Australia Day! More flags! :)
  17. I'm still waiting for the Empire Minecraft Logo flag.

    "So, founder of Australia, what shall the flag look like?"
    "I dunno. Just make it like that other flag I liked."
    "That flag is already taken..."
    "Alright, make it so it takes up 1/4 of the flag"
    "And stars. Put some stars on it."

    Just a little funny, I actually have no idea why the flag looks like that. :p
  18. Happy Australia day and thanks Krysyy for the flag :D
  19. Not sure what you mean
  20. You Can turn maps in item frame lol