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  1. I am a DJ in RL and I know people throw parties on their res quite often. I was wondering is there anyway we could look into incorporating a stream service into the game. I wuld really enjoy DJing a Empire Party and it would be a great way for everyone to get to know one another.
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  2. Hmm I would be interested in this as well as some people know.
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  3. +1 I think this is a really cool idea. Though I wonder if for some it would cause more lag, or have a hard time getting the sound to stream smoothly...
  4. This would require a player-side and server-side plugin. I thought of something like this, but I do not thing (at least) it is achievable in Vanilla MC.
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  5. It would be simpler to host a live DJ stream on any service that provides it, and simply link people that attend your party to the link :). As ICH has pointed out, this would require some Server/Client support.
  6. Mumble....
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  7. You couldn't use mumble. But you could use something such as
  8. Anybody else read stream as steam? Also, we have Mumble. You are also more than welcome to host a Livestream on Twitch and inform us about it.
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  9. I do own my own stream so I can dj in-game parties. I will figure out a good cost rupee wise for such events. And I still think we should so a Empire wide "Get to know the Empire Party" I will DJ that for free!!
  10. I could join in :) My Mixify profile has over 2k likes. That's good for someone only going on it for a month.
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  11. That is awesome!!! You must have plenty of followers!!
  12. Ha ha I can help. Out of interest what DJ kit do you have?
  13. Try and make an account!
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  14. doesn't actually let you DJ :p
  15. I know, but I was thinking you could edit then upload :p
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  16. Mixify is better because you can do it live .
  17. I'm streaming soon to any of you who might be interested.
  18. Streaming now :)
  19. I run Virtual DJ software. I sold all my hardware when I moved to MD, USA. I am curremtly saving up to purchase a numark NS7 series controller. I stream live free from can hold up to 5000 listeners.
  20. Nice. I use Serato DJ.
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