Auction! Zombie XP grinder!

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  1. Hey guys, i just made 2 zombie grinders so, yeah!

    starting bid:EDIT: 6k
    Minumim Bid increments: 200* EDIT:
    I will not trade for items.
    Auction Will close 24 hours after the last bid.

    to the winner, ill will show you where it is, and give co-ords, because it is hidden.
    Its is about ... hmmm 8/10 Safeness fom griefers, as longs as u block it up again afterwards. Thankyou, and
    Happy bidding!
    EDIT: If caught re-selling will be banned from further auctions.

    EDIT: another one!! So price is raised, take note!
    New rule, EDIT: Only 2 people at a time can bid 2gether.
  2. I stumbled across a decent Skeleton grinder yesterday, its not even mine. But I use it xD
  3. show me? xD
  4. Hey, you could of used this one and not sold it ;)
  5. Hey, imma still use it! just show me where your one is and ill show u this one, but the bidding continues.
  6. I don't want this one :I
  7. I found another Zombie spawner and just turned that into a grinder, 2 grinders for 1 now! price is being raised...
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    1. Its raised to 6k, for 2 grinders!
  8. read updated post!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.