[ AUCTION ] Wooden Pickaxe - Unbreaking I + 4x Grinder

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  1. The Auction is for an enchanted pickaxe. This is a magical pickaxe, because it will be the last wooden enchanted pickaxe LeosWaste will ever sell. As the graceful person I am, I will include a FREE 4x Grinder to whom ever wins! Thats right, FREE! All for the price of a little ol wooden pickaxe....

    1x Wooden Pickaxe - Unbreaking I
    Condition: NEW
    Starting Price: 1,000r
    Ending time: 48hrs after last bid
    Pickup: smp2, v 3456. Brown Floor

    As a BONUS, the winner will get co-ords to my very powerful Grinder.

    Grinder/Utopia - 3x Skeleton, 1x Zombie
    Grinder is fully functional and all work by standing in one spot (which happens to be the kill spot >.>). It is over 25,000 blocks away from spawn and so well hidden nobody will ever find it. It is also on Utopia so a GOLD+ supporter is needed to use it. I can no longer use it nor would I care too. I and I alone found an built it, then covered my tracks and made secret entrance. In fact, I am not going to use this grinder so much, that you will have to get a mod to remove the one locked chest sign I have there. Anything you find at the grinder is also yours to keep. To find the grinder, I recommend using Rei's Mini map

    Additional Notes:
    Per forums rules, I am not auctioning a grinder. I am auctioning an enchanted pickaxe. The grinder is merely a bonus to the winner. But still, I cant help but wonder what kind of Moderation_Issues I will have <.< again.

  2. First of all, I see what you did there.

    Second of all, 5.5k.
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  3. Bid increments?
  4. None were stated so I assume that the increment would be an implied 1r.
  5. 15,000r for the last ever wooden pickaxe leowaste ever enchants :D
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