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  1. Hi guys!

    Up for bid is another weapon from my personal arsenal. I call it the Unlucky Bow because anything shot with it is very unlucky! This bow started out as a very rare drop from an enraged skeleton. It originally came with unbreaking 3 flame 2 and power 2. You can only get flame 2 from that very rare drop. I took the bow to my armory and kicked the power up to 5 and added infinity. I use the same type of bow myself and it always makes me laugh. You shoot a mob, they dance around on fire for a sec and then fall over. This bow will one shot creepers, spiders and skeletons about 90% of the time! Zombies sometimes take 2 shots. I use this bow side by side with my Lucky Bow and this is my preferred bow. The only time I use my Lucky Bow is when I'm trying to get a good drop fron an Enraged. (This bow is not a promo)

    I don't use Punch on my bows but if the winning bidder wants it, I'll add it at no additional cost!

    Item being auctioned: Very Rare Bow
    Starting Bid: 5000
    Min Bid Increment: 100r
    Auction End: 24 hours after last valid bid
    Bow Will be mailed to the winning bidder
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  2. Is this legit or just enchanted and renamed?
  3. It's not in the wiki
  4. It's a player made item (the original bow drops from an enraged skeleton)
  5. Wait what? I'm extremely confused
  6. This bow originated as a "Very Rare" drop from an Enraged Skeleton.


    When it dropped it had unbreaking 3, power 2, and flame 2. What makes this bow unique is the flame 2. You can't get flame 2 in vanilla Minecraft only flame 1.

    So, I took the bow, enchanted it to power 5 and added infinity.

    The important thing for you to know is that this in a one shot one kill bow about 90% of the time. No other bow can match that not even the Lucky Bow.
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  7. Oh ok. I see it now. Well I'm out.
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