[AUCTION] The Three Little Pigs (closed)

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Which little pig are you?

Bricks! 9 vote(s) 56.3%
Hm, I prefer straw. 4 vote(s) 25.0%
Sticks are the way to go! 3 vote(s) 18.8%
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  1. Items: 1 DC of brick blocks, 1 DC of wheat (straw), 1 DC of sticks
    Starting bid: 1r
    Minimum bid increment: 50r
    Auction ending time: 48 hours after last valid bid

    An access chest will be placed on smp4, res 8638.

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  2. There was an extra one one in there -_ may I change that to 11,111....
  3. 11,112r

    I would preffer my house made out of Straw... Because that way, I could make a giant bread house! Imagine... I could eat my own house!
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  4. for the originality of your title I bid the winning bid of

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  5. Is it really winning? Is it? IS IT?

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  6. I think someone bid 111,111. I thought you couldn't take a bid back?;)
  7. I think we can allow it, if it was a typo :)

  8. It was a mistake and was corrected in a few mins of posting.

    The current high bid is 22k

    Posted by me. Cause haro will never win
  9. lmao
  10. It's bricks m8 :)
  11. Auction's over, Shyguy won!
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