[AUCTION] The Sword of Truthiness

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  1. The moon rises over The Temple of Gronicus. The moonlight shimmers on the water and Reverend Green understands this as a sign.

    The good, gracious and genteel god Gronicus demands a new warrior, a knight to fight for the glory of himself. He has bestowed the responsibility of naming a new warrior unto I, the righteous Reverend Green.

    Gronicus' chosen one, his knight in shining armor, will receive the most blessed sword known throughout the land. The Sword of Truthiness.

    His chosen one has to have guts, courage, integrity, valor and above all else... more money than all the others!

    This is an auction, so let me explain the rules.

    ITEM: The Sword of Truthiness, AKA Green's Signature Sword. A golden sword hand-crafted by the legendary Greenicus_Mysterio and blessed with the power of Gronicus (Smite IV, Knockback II, Looting III, Fire Aspect II, and Unbreaking III).

    STARTING BID: 5,000r

    MINIMUM INCREMENTS: At least 500r

    AUCTION ENDS: 48 hours after the last valid bid ;)

    Will you have the rupees to control The Sword of Truthiness? Or will you fall short? The choice is yours.

    Remember, this could be you!

  2. It's gold. It literally dies after 2 hits.
  3. That's what Unbreaking III is for.
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  4. Lol finch_rocks msg popped up as you took the screenshot :3
  5. Still, assuming that you get extremely lucky, the max durability is 99, assuming that you get SUPER lucky, and the 60% chance of not dealing any damage works for you (on every hit), which it probably wont.
  6. That's not how probability works. The sword could last forever. A sufficiently lucky person (Mr. E) could use it without end. Why do you think his personal sword has no durability lost?

    Right, that was off-topic. Gotta bid now, don't I..
  7. It's a collectible though! Who wouldn't want it?
    6.5k :D
  8. Crazy1080 is in the lead with 7,500r!
  9. Only 41 hours left.
  10. Margaritte is in the lead with 8,000r.
  11. Only 37 hours left.
  12. Penfold is in the lead with 12,500r!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.