[Auction] The Bow Collection

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  1. Nine Bows Are Included In This Auction

    Meteor Bow

    5-Double-'O'K Bow

    Starter Bow (Soulbound)


    Marlix's Bow

    Cupid's Bow (Unbreaking)

    Cupid's Bow (No Unbreaking)

    Lucky Bow (hard to find!)

    Pre 1.11 Infinity/Mending Bow - see pic below
    (Unbreaking III, Power V, Punch II, Flame II, Infinity, Mending)

    Starting Bid: 5k
    Min Bid Increments: 5k
    End Time: 48 hrs after last valid bid
    Preview: 18777 smp9
    Pickup: 18777 smp9

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  2. 105k
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  3. Looks like Allicanto will win this auction in about 6 hrs
  4. and big_kev ruined it ;)
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  5. Less than 24 hrs before Allicanto wins this auction
  6. These bows will belong to Allicanto in only 5 more hours!
  7. Congrats Allicanto! You've won this auction! Access chest is ready for you :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.