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  1. Items:
    Starter Helmet: Unbreaking 3
    Starter Chestplate: Unbreaking 3
    Starter Pants: Unbreaking 3
    Starter Shoes: Unbreaking 3

    Starter Sword: Unbreaking 3
    Starter Pickaxe: Unbreaking 3
    Starter Axe: Unbreaking 3
    Starter Shovel: Unbreaking 3

    Starting Bid: 500r
    Bid Increment: 500r
    Auction Ending: 48 hours after las valid bid
    Pickup: will be pm'd after auction is over
  2. 7.5k

    Pretty sure the torches, bread, guide and assistant aren't allowed in a community auction though because the EMC auction rules state this under what special items are allowed:
    "Items listed as being Promotional Items, Special Event Items, Special Mob Drops, or Voucher Items on the Empire Wiki can be auctioned off in any quantity"

    If you check on the Wiki then it says these items are under the tutorial section, which isn't mentioned in the rules so I'm not sure if that's allowed... the rest is enchanted, though, so that's all good :) Although the illegal items I aforementioned would be legal in DC form :p
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  3. :eek: NooOoOoOooOoOoOoO
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.