[Auction] Smooth & chiseled sandstone

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  1. What: 1DC of smooth sandstone and 1DC of chiseled sandstone (2DC in total).
    Starting price: 5000r
    Bid increase: 10r
    Auction ends: 48hrs after last valid bid.

    The items can be reviewed in my auction room: /v 3544, follow the gravel path to your left (down the stairs). This will also be the pickup room.


    Here's hoping everything is correct. Since I cannot preview at the time of writing...
  2. 5050r!
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  3. 5332r! (my utopia residence :D)
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  4. nuuuu 5555r :p
  5. 6006r :)
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  6. 6116r
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  7. 6999... >=D
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  8. Noooo :eek: 7009r
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  9. Mine :3 7038r
  10. nu mine 7777r
  11. Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!
  12. 9010r

    It's over 9000! :eek:

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  13. NEINNEINNEINNEIN rupees. :p
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