[Auction] Sky's Extra Promos | Including 2 ICC Eggnogs |

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  1. Hello guys, with me leaving for a while I thought that you guys might enjoy my items more than me. So... without further delay, here are the items! Click the items for more information.
    Promo Instructions x1
    Stable Voucher x3
    Turkey Slicer x1
    2013 Empire Firework x1
    Haunted Head x1
    Unused Saltar x1
    IcecreamCow's Special Eggnog x2
    Wooden Door x54

    Starting Bid: 4r
    Minimum Bid Increase: 4r

    Auction will end 72 Hours and 44 minutes (3 days and 44 minutes) after the last valid or invalid bid. If you have any question about the items, simply click the items for you will be brought to the Item's Wiki Page.
    Any questions about me leaving will be addressed in a future thread or simply send a Private Message.
    Pickup will be at an area of your choice*

    *Does not include the wilderness, wastelands or end.

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  2. *cough* *choke* *splutter* 100k
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  3. 160017
    really pushing the bank here.
  4. Oh. You.
    160037 Empirian Rupees
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  5. 200,002 rupeez
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.