Auction: Silk Touch Diamond Pick

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  1. LOL...

    d1223m, will this bid be honored?
    If so, I will have to bid again and wait another 12 hrs. :(
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  2. rules are rules... ( i will change them next time i think... ) and i dont mind waiting myself.

    @skilled: serious?

    @nurgles: perhaps you could persuade skilled to drop the bid somehow ( rupees im guessing! )
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  3. -sigh-
    Maybe I'll just let him win and see if he has the cash to actually cover his bid. :)
    Congrats Skilled - looks like you got yourself a new pick!

    d1223m, I look forward to bidding on the next silk touch you make! :)
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  4. Thats the first one Iv got in about 30 picks... Of course its random so I could get another tomorrow...
    Its *meant* to be a 14% chance to get it... Im not so sure myself.
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  5. Are you enchanting at lvl 50? I can never get that to come up on my table... the highest I have seen is 49, and only once. Normally it's tough to get 47 to show up, so I take it when I see it.
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  6. i usually take 47+, 50 does come up now and then. (with 47 you still have a 13% chance)... but yea its a hell of a lot of clicking. Roll on the next MC version where I believe its easier to get the higher levels.
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  7. If it's still going: 23K. If not, congrats to the winner.
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  8. still going - i always just add 12hrs to whatever time it says on the post for the last bid. that way i can sleep and still say if a bid is over the 12hours
  9. omg, these auctions are rediculous, im making my spawner right now! im gonna make these much cheaper....
  10. Auction closed.

    IcecreamCow is the winner with 23K.
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  11. @IcecreamCow - iv set up a chest upstairs in my shop for you, its not a shop as they always fail for me. Just send me the rupees when you pick it up.
  12. yeah, so you went into the auction business?