Auction: Silk Touch Diamond Pick

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  1. Actually saying ICC is cheating? If you have ever run a server, I have, you'd know the /give command is 'normally' very limited.. i.e. ADMINS - so I doubt even the Senior Mods have this.

    Check yourself.


    EDIT - Or I could be wrong....
  2. Mmmmmmmkkk >_> so I out bid icecreamcow and I am winning right now :troll face:
  3. 15,600 ugh I g2g :(
  4. Senior Mods do have extra powers, to help with things like Spawns, the giant lot projects, special events etc. The reason we were picked though is we were trusted to not abuse those powers. I remember back in the day, when we had leaderboards, Dark_Liz had the top money (might still, I don't know) without being a supporter OR spamming the chat for store sales. It's about having what people want and having it available. My store on SMP3 probably makes 5-6K a day.
  5. Oh no worries ICC... J and J can NOT do it alone... I had just typed slower then you.
  6. see your over here throwing this money around and crying over 9500 for a much better pick? im ashamed =P
  7. really, add 1r to his bid?
  8. Was thinking same thing. a 1r of 50r bid on an item like this is counterproductive. My next auction will include some sort of, bidding guidelines lol
  9. good idea
  10. It works doesn't it? :p
  11. i guess so XD
  12. o forget that >_> i'm not going higher then that lol
  13. That cane out of nowhere.... God, why not just get exp YOURSELF? Or HIRE someone for their exp to die, and you get it and enchant it....
  14. My name is not God, and I use my XP... just had an unfortunate experience last night and lost all my highly enchanted tools and 32lvls of xp....
    I have the cash, so I would rather just buy them all back.
  15. Just under an hour left if anyone wants to outbid 22k