[ Auction ] Scuba Suit + Weap + Tools [CLOSED]

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  1. What is a "Scuba Suit"? it is a suit that allows you to stay under water for as long as you have full food bar. How? The respiration in combination of a full Protection IV delays and minimizes the damage tick long enough for you to recover any lost health. meaning, you will never drown!


    Diamond Spade:
    1 x Unbreaking III, Efficiency IV, Silk Touch (great for grass and mysclum(sp?))

    Diamond Swords:
    1 x Sharpness V, Fire Aspect II
    1 x Looting III

    Diamond Pickaxe:
    1 x Unbreaking III, Efficiency IV, Fortune III

    Diamond Axe:
    1 x Unbreaking III, Efficiency IV, Silk Touch

    Diamond Armor
    1 x Helmet - Protection IV, Respiration III
    1 x Chestplate, Leggings + Boots - Protection IV

    Condition: ALL brand new!
    Starting bid: 125 rupees
    Bid Increments: 167 rupees
    Ending time: 24hrs after last bid
    Pick-Up: After auction has ended, buyer will pick up on SMP2 at v 3456, Brown floor. An access sign will be provided
  2. Will the durability of the helmet go down as it takes all the damage and lets you scuba dive?
    (I'm asking as I've got one, and so it's obviously something I'd like to know)

    ...and just so this isn't a thread hijack:

  3. Sorry, didn't see Curundu's bid there, and can't edit the post.

  4. Durability does NOT go down from water dmg. will last forever unless you fight mobs with it
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  5. top bid is 9.5k!
  6. That is a lot of money :eek:
  7. but is a very useful set of items that took over 10 level 47-50 enchants to get!

    thats 480ish levels
  8. You only need the helm for a scuba diving set.
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Not open for further replies.