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  1. start bidding by 1 r
    48 hours after valid bid wins
  2. Whats the bid increment? 1r
  3. bid increment 100 r
  4. this is my first auction, so srry if I do things wrong XD
  5. 100r

    Happy Bidding :D
  6. 100r bid increment would mean that bid is invalid :p 101r is valid though
  7. 101r and where is pickup?
  8. This auction is literally so close to being invalid...
    201r tho...
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  9. Sorry to bring you the news. It needs to be a DC.
    Potions can be auctioned off in minimum quantities of 54. You cannot mix potion types in a single set of 54. Zombie Virus' are considered potions.
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  10. I knew something was wrong about this auction. It has to be in DC quantities and you messed up w/ the min increase, and invalid BUMPS. Sorry pal.
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  11. Ty
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  12. Most has already been said, but I'd still like to add one important thing:
    Please read this post (forum auction rules) before trying again. There are specific rules which auction hosters and bidders need to follow and we're required to follow them.
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  13. Luna5NL, its no big deal just get staff to close thread. Then try it again :D Good Luck to Ya!
  14. oh, srry for everything..... i will remove the auction luckycordel tnx fr help
  15. This is an invalid auction. Potions need to be auctioned in a full DC.
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