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  1. Item: 1 vault voucher (see spoiler section for more info).
    Starting bid: 6000r
    Minimum bid increment: 500r

    +s: This auction will be held under the "Shell bump rule", meaning that it will only get bumped once per day. The only (optional) exception being the ending period of the auction.

    A vault voucher can be used to extend the amount of /vault pages beyond your current maximum. This can be especially useful if you're not a supporter because then you can only purchase 2 (see here).

    Reminder: if you're below your limit then vault pages can also be purchased in game for 10,000r using the /vault expand command.

    The item is on display in the "auction chest" at my shop (/v 3544 @ smp2, top floor). As soon we have a winner I will replace the preview sign with an access sign.

    And good luck to all participants!
  2. What is the +s for in the title for all your auctions.

    Sorry for not posting a bid with a post, just wanted to know ;)
  3. 10k
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  4. 11k, highest Ill go
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  6. And as mentioned above this is the daily bump, and it wouldn't surprise me if this would be the first and only bump in this thread. Thanks for the help there by the way DJ_Krazy :)

    ww2fan in the lead with a solid 11k bid. Will he get lucky and soon find himself with a new page added to his vault, perhaps even the 5th page thus allowing him unlimited and free access? Who knows!

    What we do know is that there's a vault voucher up for grabs, and for a 11,5k bid you get a chance that it could become yours....

    The heat is on :)
  7. Wait, what? 5 pages of vaults? Is that so, if so Ill raise bid
  8. We're now roughly 25 hours into the auction which can only mean one thing: ww2fan168 won the auction with his bid for 11k. I just placed the access sign and expect payment upon pick up.

    And good luck with the voucher!
  9. Ok, Thank you :p
  10. Wheres pick up?
  11. Go to my shop (/v shelluser or /v 3544 on /smp2 and go to the top floor; either by using the teleport pad outside (to your right) or by going inside and climbing both the stairs). You'll find a chest 'in' a ring of wool blocks, it also has 2 (lit) redstone lamps on top. That's my auction chest which contains the voucher and which you can now access through means of the access sign.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.