[Auction] Roast Duck

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by BreezyMan, Feb 12, 2016.

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  1. They keep on Quaking and poking me with their bills asking "Where is my Master? When is my Master?." I've had enough of them so please take them off my hands!
    Dc of Roast Duck
    Starting Bid: 5000
    Minumum bid: 1000
    Auction Ending Time:
    24 hours after last valid bid

    Funds from this auction are going to the player 's event fund!
    Pickup location: smp5 10004
    *Discloure: Normal items, only renamed; for fun
    Check out the story behind the auction here: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/the-minty-encounter.61948/
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  2. This will sit nicely beside my DC of Beef steak!

  3. 5k because there's no picture :p
  4. Aww got ninja'd. I retract my bid...

  5. This is an early bump to say what was forgotten...
    Funds from this auction are going to the player 's event fund!
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  6. Well with that said... 50k
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  7. 60k

    Duck is my favorite
  8. Bumping this thread full of helium to bring it back to the top.

    We have Gawagrolt with the leading bid of 60,000 rupees....

    Remember that proceeds from the special auctions that mods are running right now go toward the player event fund.

    Got any challengers against Gawagrolt ? Or will he walk away with all these quackers? Mmmm. all that duck fat. :)
  9. Looks like Gawadrolt has won this auction with a bid of 60,000 rupees. Once paid I'll get the access sign on smp5 /v 10004 setup for you to pick it up.
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  10. I will pay when i get off of work in about 7-8 hours. thanks breezy :D
  11. NP. Access chest is setup already for you.
  12. paid and picked up. thank you mr breezyman
  13. Your welcome sir.
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