[Auction] Promos and Special Items of Every Sort

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by SteamingFire, Dec 17, 2015.

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  1. Items:
    Cupid's Bow x1
    Cupid's Arrow x391 (6 stacks +7 extra arrows)
    Unused Cupid Egg x1
    2014 Birthday Cake x1
    2015 Birthday Cake x1
    Magical Eggcellent Wand x2
    Spooky Egg x2
    Turkey Slicer (2013 Promo) x4
    Turkey Slicer (Turkey Drop) x1
    Lucky Bow x1
    Marlix's Leggings x1
    Marlix's Bow x1

    Starting Bid:

    Bid Increment:

    Ending Time:
    48 hours after last valid bid

    /v SteamingFire on smp8 after auction ends
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  2. Cupid arrows must be by the stack...
  3. It's 6 stacks plus 7 extra
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  4. The minimum for the Cupid arrows is 5 stacks. Anything beyond that is fine. I am going to add to the auction stating that it is 6 stacks +7 extras arrows. Just to keep anyone else from having an issue.
  5. Thank you, but the current bid is 100k by PlasmaBanana :3
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  6. 250k
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  7. Mine! 260K
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  8. Don't lie!!! 275k
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  9. Current Highest Bid:
    275k by jdog37
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  10. wow I totally missed that bid while I was updating the post for you. lol
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  11. Current Highest Bid:
    276k by Dreacon78

    If not outbid, Dreacon78 will win on December 19th, 4:51PM EST.
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  13. This might be my last bump :eek:
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  14. Last bump!
    Only a few hours left :3
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  15. I'm taking a chance that all items are unused. 300K
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  16. ugh...why is it that I get a few hours from winning and someone always comes along and resets the timer......
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